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These hints are provided for those who really are having trouble with figuring out what to do next, even with Nimby's help (or maybe because there's something you need to do which you don't realize you can do). These are blunt, with no fooling around like the in-game hints. So, unless you want to spoil every puzzle, I recommend you only open the ones you need.

Nimby's clues are in a set order, but don't be too concerned that he'll get stuck if you do things out of order (which is more than possible to do in some respects). He'll skip over any hints that you've already done the required actions for.

Each of the other tabs has a collapsible panel in it. Click the “hint” to expand or contract it.

I wonder where everyone is?
Take as much time as you like to do this and explore if you wish, but your goal here for this hint is to enter the Drawing Room.
You know, I was slithering around in your room the other day. . . .
Return to the Master Bedroom and LOOK UNDER BED, twice.
I found the most peculiar thing the other day while slithering around on the fourth floor. . . .
Check around in Regulus's Bedroom for a ripped parchment.
I was lounging in the Drawing Room recently, but something underneath me kept crackling.
Go to the Drawing Room and LOOK UNDER DESK PAD.
Have you ever wondered if the Blacks are originally from England? I was looking at that — wait, was that a mouse I just saw?
Nimby is referring to the Black Family Crest, found in the Drawing Room and in Regulus's Bedroom. He's trying to remind you of the family motto, which you'll need as a password for the door into the study.
Note: what Nimby says right now varies.
This isn't a hint so much as a waiting period while you're investigating the study. After you've successfully opened the desk drawer he'll move to the next hint.
I wonder if that somehow connects to the journal and that parchment you found?
You need to solve the rune puzzle. It's a set of four words based on rune meanings. If you've collected everything not nailed down at this point (no, chairs don't count) you should be aware of a hidden area in the basement. The solution is to press naudiz, raido, othalan, pertho. Ah, but you should be sitting down first.
I wonder what those doors are for?
One of the cells contains the password to the laboratory door. You cannot find the password unless you enter the cell and close the door, then examine the door, and read it.
One nice thing about curling around your shoulders — aside from the warmth and not having to worry about being stepped on — is that I can see so much more from the greater height.
GET ON TABLE in order to reveal the next item, which is on top of the supply vault: a white something. ACCIO it.
Don't I recall you telling me a lot of things got stored in the attic when the house was cleaned up?
You need to search in the Attic to find the flyer. Reading it will permit Harry to APPARATE TO APOTHECARY so he can purchase whatever ingredients he needs, according to the recipe he found.
Recycling is in these days, did you know?
In the Guest Bedroom (Mary Sue's room), SEARCH BIN. You'll need this to put the potion in.
I have a stalker!!!
Mary Sue and Ginny will both become more affectionate toward you as time passes, once you've left the Drawing Room. You must counteract this somehow, but you're not in danger until you get a warning message. If that happens you have two options.

1. Find whichever one it is extremely quickly and lower their affection (ask her about something she dislikes, or give her something she dislikes). You'll know when you're out of danger, but since affection keeps rising, it's only temporary.

2. Avoid them by apparating to safe locations, such as the study, the master bedroom, and I think the library. If you let it go for too long and you run into whichever one is stalking you. . . . Well, it's not pretty.

Nimby is more than happy to occasionally say things about those two girls, giving you clues as to what they dislike as conversation topics. Keep them in mind.
Geez, man, I want a map!
This map does not show the secret areas, naturally.