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I’ve Done It

Category: Missing Scene

Notes : Ho hum... here’s me breaking a hard rule of mine. Or at least, the start of it.

A ponderously slow knocking had Haze setting his book aside and meandering to the front door, wondering who would be visiting at such an early hour. He opened the door to see a haggard Severus Snape leaning against the side of the house, seemingly half asleep.


“I’ve done it,” the man muttered.

Haze raised his brows, then reached out to grab his friend by the arm and pull him inside. After closing the door he guided Severus into the sitting room and into an armchair, and as he sat back down he asked, “You’ve done what?”

In response Severus reached into a pocket and withdrew a stack of muggle paper held together with a binder clip. Haze grinned slightly as he accepted it, and as Severus relaxed into the chair’s embrace and closed his eyes, then glanced at the top sheet.

That produced a broad grin. It had taken some time, but Ash had finally talked Severus around to his way of thinking when it came to the advantages of muggle technology, and in particular, computers. Haze was holding a printout, and was grateful he would not have to decipher his friend’s sometimes torturous handwriting.

His eyes widened slowly as he read, not quite believing what he was seeing. He blinked and stopped, then concentrated, holding a finger to his lips for silence as Dobby popped in, tilting his head toward Severus. Dobby nodded his understanding so Haze said quietly, “Ash should still be here, so can you find him and ask him to join me, please?”

“Yes, master,” Dobby whispered before popping back out.

Haze went back to reading while he waited for his husband to arrive, amazed and delighted. Ash wandered in shortly thereafter and sat beside him, so Haze left off his perusal and gave him the report. Ash read much more quickly than he as it was, and was soon making pleased noises in his throat.

“This is fantastic,” Ash said a few minutes later, careful to keep his voice soft.

Severus chose to comment by way of a soft snore, which made both of them smirk.

“I think we should get Dobby to pop him into the spare room,” Haze suggested, then called the elf back at Ash’s nod to take care of putting Severus to bed. Once they were away Haze looked at his husband with shining eyes.

“Why do I get the feeling you want to volunteer to be the guinea pig?” Ash asked wryly.

“Why do I get the feeling you won’t mind so much the idea of me carrying our baby?” Haze countered. “After all, we certainly go at it like rabbits, and you might enjoy having me barefoot and pregnant, my dear Ash.”

“I enjoy having you everywhere and anywhere,” Ash said with a smirk. “As for children. . . . Well, that might also be nice.”

“So, can we? Please?”

Ash favored him with a speculative look. “What will you give me if I say yes?”

Haze snorted and bit his lip, then said, “I’ll be your devoted slave for a week and cater to your every whim.”

“A month.”

Haze huffed. “As if.”

“Fine, two weeks, and not one word of complaint when I mercilessly order you around as though I just bought you off the auction block.”

“Done.” Haze reached out and shook his husband’s hand firmly.

“Excellent,” Ash said with a devious smirk. “And, since Severus will be asleep for some time, I believe now will be the perfect time for you to start making good on that promise. On your knees, pet.”