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The Letter

Category: Deleted Material

Notes: The letter Tom left behind. Given the text I worked out for the chapter itself, this doesn’t fit into the story, because it leaves certain things in no doubt whatsoever. It’s also far too short considering how long Albus actually spent reading the letter.


Your Golden Child is so delightfully naïve, old man, even after a year in the serpent’s den. You taught him so well, it seems, that he never even suspected my identity when I came to fetch him.

Furthermore, it appears that you held far too much confidence in the integrity of the wards placed around that wretched little hovel. Given that they were blood-based, you ought to have done more research into such a distasteful topic. Did you really think they would keep me at bay forever?

By the time you even begin to figure out where I’ve taken the stupid child, he’ll be dead, and your hopes with him. And I will have spent that time indulging myself in rather a lot of amusement at the whelp’s expense.

Just know this, old man—your lack of anything resembling logic has afforded me the opportunity for a staggering amount of pleasure. I can only hope the boy enjoys his time with me as much as I will before I kill him.

Lord Voldemort