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08 • Moving On

Monday, 30 December 1996 - Friday, 3 January 1997

Severus planned to keep a careful eye on the boy. He’d not been having his usual lessons with Haze during the holiday, so he was to be found in the Great Hall every day for meals, just like any other student staying at the castle. Severus’s only chances to see him were then, much to his distaste.

Severus knew from the schedule that had gone out to the involved parties that Haze had his Care of Magical Creatures exam Monday morning, while the afternoon was set aside for Herbology. That same evening, Severus noted that Haze looked quite relaxed as he ate, and assumed the boy had done well.

Tuesday brought the Charms and Transfiguration exams, followed by Defense and Potions on Wednesday. Severus might have otherwise been concerned about things, but knew that Haze had already proven his brewing skill over the past month. He need only worry about the written aspect, so that was exactly the exam Severus set the boy.

On Thursday he spent the hours after dinner going over Haze’s efforts. His writing was eloquent, he didn’t stray off the subject of the questions or become unappealingly verbose, and he had remembered perfectly everything necessary. He was quite pleased, knowing that even though the boy would go up into the seventh year classes, he’d still be seeing him every week for private sessions, even after the tutorial to bring him up to speed for the first term was over. He had far too many things he wished to do with Occlumency to stop now. And besides, Haze was quite talented with his tongue.

Saturday, 4 January 1997

“I assume you’ve all had a chance to grade Harry’s exams,” Albus said, gazing around the table. When everyone nodded he said, “Good, good. If everyone could please hand over the results?”

After much paper changing hands, and a few minutes of reading on the part of Albus, he looked up again. “Well then, it seems our Mr Potter will be advancing into seventh year, which means we will need to update his schedule to reflect that. If you would be so kind, Minerva, as to handle that? I would like a copy as well when you are finished.”

Albus stood, gave a nod, then exited the teacher’s lounge.

Severus saw a copy of the schedule several hours later, once everyone had finished rearranging things so that Haze could attend all six of the classes he’d just taken exams for. Minerva left, presumably to go see Albus. The others drifted off as well. Severus took a copy down to his quarters.

After looking it over, he added notes for Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday. On weekends he would have Haze in from 9am-1pm (with an allowance for the boy to eat lunch with him as he’d miss the usual spread in the Great Hall), and the normal time on Wednesday evenings, from 7pm-9pm. Once Haze was caught up in seventh year potions, the Wednesday session could be dropped, and the weekends devoted entirely to Occlumency . . . or whatever else caught Severus’s fancy.

With a tap of his wand he made a copy of the schedule, then wrote in additional notes at the bottom explaining the new schedule. Even though the majority of the students wouldn’t be back until sometime Sunday, Severus let Haze know he could come in the next morning and start in on new potions if he wanted. Otherwise, they’d begin the following Saturday. He rolled it up and sent it off to Haze with his raven.

Some time later, a note arrived with his raven.

Professor Snape,

As you’ve said I may, I’ll come tomorrow morning after breakfast. I’d like to get started on the seventh year potions I’ve missed as soon as possible.

Harry Potter

Short, and to the point, which was just as well. He would find out soon enough if the boy wanted to extend his lessons at the weekends as they’d been doing previously. Severus put the note on his desk, gathered up his cloak, and made his way out of Hogwarts. Once past the wards, he went to Diagon Alley.

A quick stop at Gringotts provided him with funds, and from there it was a short walk to the apothecary, where he purchased a kit designed for seventh years, plus a number of miscellaneous ingredients for his own dwindling, private stores. He also purchased several cauldrons, as the boy would need them for his lessons.

He could always hand Haze a bill and expect him to ante up the costs, but it could also be seen as a goodwill gesture, one that would affect Potter directly. He supposed he’d have to wait and see how the boy reacted. On that thought, he collected his bags and left the shop, then returned to Hogwarts.

Sunday, 5 January 1997

The expected knock came, and Severus stood and crossed to the door, opening it long enough for Haze to step inside. When Haze started toward the lab, Severus stopped him with a word and gestured at the couch, then sat down in his armchair.

“As you know, your potions classes will be a single period Monday mornings and a double on Thursday morning. Given your work to date, I foresee no problems. Since you need to catch up to where the class already is, that’s why you’re here. However, I will state that while the morning sessions at the weekends are mandatory, you may still remain here through the afternoon if you wish to progress faster. Again, that is with the provision that I must not be elsewhere during those times, such as staff meetings.”

Seeing Haze nod, Severus continued. “On a related note, I have taken the liberty of collecting a seventh year potions kit for you, along with the necessary extra cauldrons, as you will not have had a chance to do so yourself.”

Severus waved a hand at the bags on the floor nearby and kept right on talking. “In my lab, things will remain as they have been, so do not feel you need bring your own equipment with you. I have already prepared a list of what you’ve missed from seventh year potions and have it waiting on your usual workstation. Now, let us begin.”

Severus stood up and turned toward the lab.


Severus glanced over his shoulder and said, “Yes?”

“Sir, shouldn’t I be paying you back or something? You didn’t say.”

“It is not necessary, though if you feel strongly enough about it, I will inform you of the cost. However, as you cannot go to Gringotts any time soon, the point is somewhat moot. I suggest you worry about it at the end of the year, if indeed it is still a worry.” Severus turned and entered the lab.

A moment later, Haze followed and went directly to his station to check over the new list.

Haze stayed for lunch, saying he didn’t feel like visiting the kitchens, then plowed right back into another potion during the afternoon.

With just over an hour to go before dinner, Severus bade Haze to finish up, since he wouldn’t be seeing him later on for Occlumency. He waited in the lounge for the boy to come out, then put him under.

“Follow me, Haze.” Severus went into the bedroom and undressed, telling Haze to do likewise. Once their respective clothes were in puddles on the floor, Severus led the boy into the bathroom and stepped into the shower. After adjusting the flow of water to suit himself, Severus crooked a finger at Haze.

“We’re going to try something new this evening, all right?” he said soothingly, then returned the nod the boy gave him. “Join me, and we’ll have a little fun together.”

“And, Haze,” Severus said as the boy stepped under the water, “I want you to remember what we do in here for later. Understand?”

“Yes,” Haze said, shaking the water out of his eyes.

“Good, that’s right. Now I want you to wash every inch of my body from the neck down. When you’re done with that, I’ll have something else for you to do.”

Haze nodded as Severus turned around, and picked up one of the many bars of soap that rested on a shelf cut into the wall of the stall and rubbed it between his hands, generating a fine foam. Starting with his back, the boy began to lather Severus up, slowly working his hands across his professor’s shoulders and down to the small of his back using lazy circles that were half washing, half massage.

Using Severus for balance, Haze crouched down, then smoothed the foam over the older man’s backside, running his fingers down the crack between before moving to his thighs and then calves. When Severus braced himself with one hand on the stall’s wall and lifted a foot, Haze soaped that as well, though firmly, and then slid a finger in between each set of toes. Severus might have considered that suggestive if he didn’t know any better.

Once he’d finished the other foot, Severus turned around, already rising to the occasion. Haze stayed low, working the fronts of his professor’s legs, then stood as he swept his hands up along Severus’s stomach. After making his way over the strong chest, he gently stroked Severus’s neck. From there Haze slid his hands across one shoulder and to one arm and down to the hand, where he massaged each finger individually, then switched to the other arm.

Crouching down again, Haze slowly ran his fingers over the remaining portions he’d not yet touched, having saved them for last for some obscure reason . . . or not. He lavished them with attention, seemingly pleased with how upright his professor was being about things.

“Step back a moment while I rinse off,” instructed Severus. When the boy had moved, he stepped under the stream of water and let it flow down his body, turning to be sure of getting everything. When he felt clean, he turned back to Haze.

“Two things. You missed a spot, and you still need to please me. You can do both at the same time.”

Haze gave him a confused look as he played with the soap again.

“Down on your knees, Haze. That’s right.” Severus closed his eyes for a moment, blessing the fact that the floor was anything but slippery. “You’re going to please me, just like you’ve been doing, but at the same time, you’re going to use your fingers to give me a little additional pleasure.”

Haze stared up at him with those big green eyes and waited as Severus placed both hands on the wall in front of him and spread his legs a bit.

“One hand on my hip, that’s right, and the other I want you to slide between my legs. Yes, like that. Now, press the tip of your index finger against my anus. Push harder, Haze. Slide on in, good boy.” Severus shifted slightly, tilting his hips. “Oh yes,” he hissed, “that’s exactly it. Deeper, Haze. Work your finger in and out, that’s right. Now please me as well.”

Haze licked the underside of Severus’s cock, letting his tongue curl slightly around his fullness, before taking the head into his mouth and engulfing the length. Severus inhaled sharply and squeezed his eyes closed. He could feel Haze’s nose brushing the hair nestled at the base of his penis, disturbing the lay, then Haze pulled back and started to slowly slide his head up and down the length of Severus’s achingly erect shaft.

“You’re doing beautifully, Haze, that’s right. I want you to add a second finger. Yes, like that. Nice and deep, Haze,” he groaned harshly.

Severus could feel his hips moving of their own accord, and did not attempt to hold himself still, letting his body’s instincts take over and begin gently fucking the boy’s mouth. Haze responded by wriggling his tongue as his head moved in a steady rhythm, teasing and flicking at the underside of Severus’s cock, especially the sensitive spot just beneath the head, making Severus thrust harder into his mouth.

Lances of pleasure radiated outward as he did so, twisting through his body in a wave of tingles. When Severus’s body started to tense up, Haze increased his pace and hummed softly around the erection filling his mouth, and worked his fingers more aggressively and deeper, hitting a spot that made Severus release a strangled noise from deep in his throat.

Severus could feel himself ascending new heights, like reaching plateaus scattered up the side of a mountain, each one making his body tighter and tighter until at last every muscle seemed to freeze solid and his cock began spurting in orgasm.

Haze continued to move his head, swallowing rapidly until the seemingly timeless moment passed and Severus’s cock began to soften. Then, Haze gentled his attentions, using his mouth and tongue to lave clean what he had missed, and slowly slipping his fingers out of Severus’s body.

Finished, Haze sat back on his heels and waited. Severus stayed braced against the wall for a few moments, breathing heavily, then straightened and stepped out shakily. After grabbing his wand and casting a drying charm, he looked over and said, “Haze, reward yourself.”


Back in the living area Severus said, “Haze, wake up.” As he sat down in his armchair the boy spoke up, confused.

“Sir? Did I blank out or something?”

Severus raised a brow.

“I remember coming out of the lab, there, and now I’m standing here, sir.” Haze looked around curiosity tinged with worry.

“I wasn’t looking, Haze. Perhaps it is just that you spent so much time over a cauldron. Do you feel all right?” Severus replied after a heartbeat of thought, making a mental note to scold himself for being so foolish as to not remember where he’d put the boy under.

Haze wrinkled his brow and looked down. “Well . . . I am rather tired, sir. And hungry.”

“I shall endeavor to keep a closer eye on you, then. It would not do to have you stumbling about and possibly passing out from overwork or lack of nourishment. If this happens again, you’ll have to see Madam Pomfrey.”

Haze grimaced, a perhaps eloquent testament to his dislike of the infirmary, despite the lack of words to confirm it.

“Which reminds me, there’s something I should say, just so that you’re clear on what will happen.”


“You will be in my potions class again, but you must know I need to keep up appearances, Haze. However, I know that whatever happens, you’ll be able to let things slide right off you. Despite the necessary evil, your grades will be based solely on the quality of your efforts. Understood?”

“Yes, sir. I do.”

“Good. Dinner should be starting shortly. I suggest you bring your new things up to your room so that you aren’t late.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you for picking these up for me. I hadn’t even thought about it with everything else going on,” said Haze as he hefted the bags and headed for the door.

“Oh, Haze. . . .”

The boy turned slightly, looking back.

“Pleasant dreams.”

Monday, 6 January 1997

Monday morning dawned far too early for Severus’s tastes. But then, it always did. And by some bizarre twist of fate, Harry Potter was once again in his class—on a Monday. Severus rolled out of bed and went about his morning routine automatically, skipping the shower as the previous evening had been ever so delightful.

Breakfast, with all the students back again for the start of term, found him looking anywhere but at the Gryffindor table, and most often down at his plate where it was reasonably safe. It wasn’t that he was worried about the class to come—and thankfully it wasn’t a double—but even so a part of him felt unsettled. It wasn’t a feeling he particularly wanted to explore, so he ignored it all through breakfast, and on his way down to the dungeons.

When he arrived, he entered as he always did, with a loud bang of the door and his robes billowing out behind him. As he reached the head of the room he turned sharply and graced the class with one of his harsh stares that said to each, “Woe betide those who cross me.”

Haze, he noticed in his peripheral vision, had surrounded himself two deep with non-Slytherin students. Difficult to say the least, given how few students actually were a part of the class to begin with. And on that thought, he launched into his lecture for the day: memory potions.

It was fortunate that all of his students in this class were studious; they scribbled down notes as he spoke, and did not bother to look up or antagonize anyone. Severus wasn’t so sure that would be the case on Thursday. When the class was over, Severus noticed Haze giving him a perfectly polite nod of the head before he slipped out the classroom door.

Wednesday, 8 January 1997

Severus spent the first part of the lesson testing Haze’s defenses, then moved on to a session of veritaserum testing. Haze was able to lie through just about everything he was asked, including the contents of the prophecy, so Severus administered the antidote and sat back down.

“You do understand that the purpose of this exercise is to ensure that no one can make you spill your secrets such that you bring harm to yourself or the Order. This is not a frivolous party trick, Haze, I want that to be clear in your head. Should the Dark Lord or one of his people get their hands on you and manage to drug you for interrogation, you need to be able to fool them completely.”

Haze nodded agreeably.

“Good. I have another assignment for you, as I know how much pleasure it brings you to spend time in the library researching.”

Haze perked up and leaned forward.

“You are to spend some of your free time thinking up ways to defeat the Dark Lord and using the resources of the library to research your ideas. As a seventh year you have full access to the restricted section, but if you feel that what you need is not available to you, you are to tell me what types of books you want to read. We’ll find a way to obtain them if at all possible. Understood?”

Haze nodded again.

“Excellent. As a starting point I would theorize that the killing curse would be useless, or certainly not have the effect we’re after. Given that the last time, when it reflected back on him, his body was destroyed but his soul lived on, you might want to start with that.”

“What about physical weapons, sir?” Haze asked.

“You mean like swords and such?” When the boy nodded Severus replied, “That depends. If sticking a blade through his heart has the same effect as when he tried to kill you, then obviously no. But I see no reason not to keep them in mind.”

“It’s just that I think if I asked, Professor Dumbledore might allow me to use Godric’s sword again,” Haze pointed out.

“Quite possibly, yes. I would suggest you ask him to be allowed to work with the blade, or at least study it, to see if there’s anything unusual about it that would assist you.”

“Sir, do you think it would be a bad idea to have someone go dig up what’s left of his father and move the remains elsewhere?” Haze asked.

Severus stared at him for a moment in confusion, then remembered when the night of the third task had been explained. “Actually, no. Perhaps I should speak to Albus. . . .”

“I know that the idea is to make that unnecessary, but I thought maybe it’d be wise to consider it, and do something about it.”

Severus nodded. “Yes. Even if it does become irrelevant, there’s no harm in asking. Just keep thinking about what you know of your encounters with the Dark Lord, and work outward from there. Now, to other questions. Have you been having any trouble in your classes during the past few days?”

“I haven’t had any problems learning the new material, and I’ve been practicing outside of classes, sir,” said Haze.

“Are any of your friends giving you grief over being moved up?”

Haze shook his head. “Not really. Ron is still a little miffed over me spending so much time revising and looking ahead, but I guess that can’t be helped. I’ve been deliberately putting aside time to spend with him on silly things so he doesn’t feel left out. It probably doesn’t hurt that I can help him with his assignments.”

“I trust you aren’t doing them for him.”

“Oh, no! I’ve been helping him with things like theory, wand movements, pronunciation, and reading over his essays to point out where he’s missing stuff. I think it helps that I can explain things in a way he understands, sir, or at least better than how Hermione does.”

“And Miss Granger?”

“I think she’s a little torn between being happy that I’m doing so well, and wondering how I managed to do it. You know, she’s always wanting to know all the details, but some things I just can’t explain. I’m just doing a lot better, and I don’t question why, I just enjoy it, sir.” Haze shrugged. “She doesn’t like that I can’t explain, and wonders how to emulate me to do even better than she normally does. But really, for the most part she’s just happy for me.”

“Anyone else?”

Haze pondered for a moment, then said, “Colin Creevey follows me around more now, snapping pictures. But that’s just annoying.”

“So the seventh years in Gryffindor don’t seem to have a problem with you being moved into their class year.”

“No, sir. None of them have said anything other than welcome.”

“Good. Tomorrow we’ll be starting in on one of the lesser memory potions in class. I trust you’ve already read up on them because of the lecture.”

Haze nodded.

“Remember, I will not be kind to you in class. Keep yourself calm and simply do your work.”

“I will, sir.”

Thursday, 9 January 1997

Severus slammed through the door to the dungeon classroom like a violent storm overtaking a defenseless village, coming to an abrupt stop in front of his desk, facing the class. He gestured at the board with his wand, making potion instructions appear.

“You know the drill. Now get to work,” he snapped, crossing his arms over his chest.

Many of the students scribbled down notes from the board contents, then gathered ingredients from the student stores. Severus kept a watchful eye on Haze out of the corner of his eye so as not to be obvious. Haze had not bothered to write anything down, but instead went straight to get the supplies he needed that were not a part of his own kit. After arranging his station to his satisfaction, Haze quietly cast a spell over his area before beginning to process his ingredients prior to actually starting to brew.

Once everyone had begun their potions Severus stalked up and down between the tables, barking out snide comments and insults to the non-Slytherins, and merely nodding at the students of his own house or offering low-voiced helpful information.

When he reached Haze he said, “Are you too good to begin brewing, Potter? Or is it that you’re too stupid to know how to begin, so you spend your time mangling your materials. Chop those more finely, you dolt! I won’t have you blowing up my classroom because of foolish mistakes or a lax attitude toward doing the work properly.”

Severus was pleased to note that Haze remained perfectly indifferent through the diatribe, calmly continuing to chop and grind with precise movements of his hands. In point of fact, he was working exactly as he did in Severus’s private labs, processing all of his supplies prior to commencing brewing. After sneering darkly at the boy, he moved on to his next victim and verbally lashed out with his extensive vocabulary.

It wasn’t until one of the Slytherin students attempted to botch Haze’s potion that Severus understood what the boy had done; the launched ingredient hit an invisible shield and slid down to the worktop. Severus ignored sabotage attempts after that, knowing they wouldn’t do any harm.

The class continued on in their diligent (and no so diligent) efforts, with Severus stalking up and down the rows, until finally the students began to transfer their completed potions into phials. Haze was one of the first people done, and cast an unbreakable charm on his phial before placing it on Severus’s desk.

On seeing that Severus said, “As soon as you’ve completed your potion and turned in the sample, you may clean up and leave as soon as that’s done.”

Haze was out the door minutes later.