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Gamma (Trio)

Note: This is AU to the main story. It occurs around six months after Beta (Latter).

Remus and Severus entered the room and stopped dead, not saying a word. It might have been the fact that Brand was presently sprawled across Voldemort’s lap, quite naked, as his father lazily stroked his cock.

“You would do well to close the door, gentlemen,” Voldemort said quietly, then smiled as Severus turned and did just that before reversing himself. “I’m quite sure you’re wondering why I called you here. Have a seat.”

As soon as they had Voldemort said, “As you both know Brand is able to see rather a lot more than is generally standard in the minds of others. It is because of that that he came to me with a request regarding the two of you.” He paused for a moment to allow a faintly amused look cross his face. They were only half listening to him, otherwise entranced by the movement of his hand as he toyed with his son.

“To that end, Brand wanted to know if you two would be interested in a little fun.”

Remus swallowed and blinked rapidly a few times, then tore his eyes away and up to gaze into Voldemort’s own. “Fun?”

“He was hoping you two might like to play with him this evening.”

Brand chose that moment to moan and arch, then open his eyes and direct a hazy look at the two men. A second later an oddly sweet smile curved his lips as he gently brushed his father’s hand away, then slid off his lap to crawl across the floor to them and kneel in front of Remus.

“You’ll play with me, won’t you, Moony?” he asked as he slid his hands up Remus’s thighs, then glanced over and said, “You know you want to, Sev. You’ve always wanted to, ever since you kissed me.” His head swung back to Remus. “And you. . . .”

“Play?” Remus finally managed to say.

“Mmmmm.” Brand licked his lips. “But if you really don’t want to, then I’ll go play with my Lord again. He knows just what to do to make me feel better.”

Severus looked over at his mate, staring into his eyes for several seconds before he leaned forward and reached out, wrapping his hand in the chain that dangled from the single thing Brand was wearing, a collar. He pulled, saying, “Sit on my lap.”

Brand started to move, then froze in place when Voldemort spoke up. “You know better than that, pet.”

Remus noticed a mischievous smile flash over Brand’s mouth before he said, “Yes, my Lord. I humbly accept any punishment you deign to give me.”

Severus tilted his head to the side consideringly, glanced at Voldemort, then snapped his fingers and pointed at his lap.

“Yes, master,” Brand said promptly and crawled onto the man’s lap, straddling him, then allowed himself to be pulled in so that Severus could claim his mouth.

Remus watched as his mate indulged himself in something he knew had been on his mind for years, then grinned slightly. This could be interesting. And it was obvious to him from the way Brand was acting that it was a game of some kind. He couldn’t quite bring himself to be appalled at the idea of Brand having turned to Voldemort for anything at all after Draco’s death, though he did wonder just when he had.

Voldemort cleared his throat, causing Severus to pull away from the kiss and look over even as Remus did. “Gentlemen, I am quite sure that you can find numerous ways to amuse yourselves with this gift, and in fact, you might seriously consider checking out that cupboard over there. After all, my pet has already made one mistake this evening. Perhaps you should do something about that.” With that Voldemort rose and nodded, then quietly left the room.

Remus leapt to his feet to go investigate, opening the doors to find a selection of items which could suggest only one thing. He glanced back, then blinked, taking in the welts on Brand’s ass and thighs. Well, that would certainly explain the variety of whips. He took one from the cupboard and idly flipped it around in his hand, then wandered back over to the couch and took a seat, running the straps through his fingers as he watched Severus do his damndest to devour Brand’s mouth.

Unable to contain himself any longer Remus said, “Brand, would you be willing to explain something before this goes any further?”

Brand immediately pulled away from Severus, his demeanor changing to something far more familiar in a heartbeat. “No. And for the moment I am not Brand. I am pet, or love, or baby, or sweetheart, whatever. I’ve been quite naughty, as well, and I expect you two to do something about that. Questions like that will simply have to wait until later.”

Remus nodded. “All right . . . pet.”

Brand smiled sweetly at him and ducked his head, suddenly back to acting rather submissively.

“Pet, I get the feeling you like being punished,” Remus observed.

Brand looked back up. “Yes, master.”

“And just how naughty have you been, pet?” asked Severus, yanking the chain slightly.

“Very naughty, master,” was the prompt response, “though even when I’ve been good my Lord still thought it was a good idea to punish me.”

“Why is that, pet?”

Brand bit his lip, as though considering how best to answer, then said, “My Lord likes to assert his dominance, master.”

“I see. So it would have nothing to do with the fact that you like being punished?”

Another mischievous look crossed Brand’s face. “It might, master.”

Severus looked over at Remus intently, dropping his eyes for a moment to take in the whip, then arched a brow. Looking back at Brand he said, “All right, pet. Then as your masters this evening, we’ll try our best to properly take care of you. Stand up, pet.”

“Yes, master,” Brand said, then slipped off Severus’s lap to stand in front of him, hands clasped behind his back and his head bowed slightly.

Severus held out a hand, so Remus gave him the whip, wondering what he planned on doing. “We might as well start with that punishment of yours, pet, the one you’ve already earned. I want you to circle the couch and stand just behind Remus,” he said, releasing the chain. “And,” he added on seeing Brand’s mouth open to respond, “no talking unless you’re asked a question, pet. Now go.”

Brand immediately moved into position. Severus stood up and walked around behind him. “Remus, love, maybe you should get your first taste of him while I take care of that,” he suggested, then pushed Brand over until he was supported by the back of the couch and nudged his feet apart.

Remus, who had already twisted around to watch, nodded and took hold of the chain, then kneeled on the couch. The moment he pressed his lips to Brand’s, Severus struck, causing Brand’s mouth to open. Remus took full advantage of that, surging forward with his tongue and threading the fingers of his other hand into Brand’s hair, using that and the chain to keep Brand in position. The sound of the whip striking his godson was strangely arousing, and every time it impacted, Brand moaned softly into his mouth and kissed back that much more fervently.

It was . . . decidedly different from kissing Severus. Even in all their lovemaking, Severus was always ever so slightly restrained in his actions, his reactions, though Remus had absolutely no doubt that his mate was satisfied as much as he was. Brand, on the other hand, was like an open offering, eager and willing to please. He got the distinct impression that what might have driven Brand to his father was the ability to completely hand over control to the one person he trusted not to abuse it. That made it so much more special that he had extended his trust to them in the same way.

He felt almost disappointed when Severus landed a final blow and stepped around to the side. The more he struck, the more pliable Brand had become. He looked up when Severus spoke again.

“Which would you prefer, love?” Severus asked with a gesture.

“I think we have all night, Sev, so I’ll just stay on this end for now.”

“As you wish.” Severus walked over to the cupboard to investigate. After a moment he placed the whip back inside and pulled out several vials, then returned to stand behind Brand. “Then I suggest you find out just how talented his mouth is for other things, love, while I find out just how tight he is.”

“Certainly, Sev, and a lovely suggestion that is. However, we’re going to have to reposition our plaything for that to happen.”

“Indeed. I shall investigate.” Severus wandered off, so Remus looked back at Brand.

“Do you love us, pet? Is that why you decided to do this?” Remus asked very softly.

“Yes, master.”

“No, pet, look me in the eye and answer me again.”

Brand lifted his head a bit and raised his eyes, a definite gleam lurking in their depths. “Yes, master, I love you both very much.”

“And you’ve been thinking about this for some time,” he stated.

Brand didn’t speak, as it wasn’t a question, but his expression answered for him.

Remus considered for a moment, then smiled. “You know, pet, perhaps we should punish you for making us wait so long.” The gleam in Brand’s eyes intensified, making Remus chuckle and shake his head slightly. “Wretched imp. Will you tell me, later, just when all this started?”

Brand hesitated, then said, “Yes, master.”

Remus wondered if that split second delay involved Brand telepathically speaking with Voldemort to find out if he minded. And on that thought he asked, “Is your Lord monitoring all this, pet?”

“Master, my Lord likes to make sure I don’t become distressed or overwrought.”

Remus nodded in understanding. “So if that did happen, and you were unable to tell us, he would come here himself. Is that right, pet?”

“Yes, master.”

He doubted quite sincerely that either of them would do anything to cause Brand real distress, but it didn’t surprise him that Brand and Voldemort employed such a tactic to make sure nothing got out of hand, and probably did so even when it was just them involved. Remus knew just how much Brand meant to his adoptive father. The man would probably find a way to move heaven and earth if it meant his son was happy.

“All right, pet. Come sit on my lap for now while Severus figures things out.” He loosened his hold on the chain enough for Brand to do exactly that, then wrapped it around his hand and pulled his godson in for another kiss. He was running his fingers over the fresh welts on Brand’s ass when Severus walked back into the room and jerked his head.

“Stand up, pet. That’s right.” Remus looked over to see if Severus wanted to take over as keeper, but his mate gave the barest shake of his head, and instead pointed back over his shoulder, then went back to rummage in the cupboard.

Remus rose to his feet and headed off, using the chain as the leash it was intended to be to make Brand follow him. He was only mildly surprised, on entering the room Severus had indicated, that it not exactly a normal bedroom. Indeed, it was not common for beds to be constructed such that eye hooks were conveniently placed. Nor was it common for most bedrooms to contain furnishings such as the bars suspended from the ceiling, padded benches of a peculiar height, or any number of other interesting things to look at. No doubt, this explained why Severus had disappeared for so long.

On that note he walked into the room and smiled briefly at his mate, then said, “On the bed, pet, on your hands and knees.”

Remus released the chain and stepped over to his mate for a quick, hushed conversation. “Sev, darling, just so you know. Voldemort is monitoring this to make sure that if Brand gets upset and can’t tell us, he can come intervene.” Severus nodded so Remus continued, “Also, I told Brand that we should probably punish him for making us wait so long.”

That produced a grin. “I knew there was a good reason I loved you.” Then he paused for a moment. “Love, are you really all right with this? I know we’ve discussed our fantasies, but neither of us was expecting this to actually happen, and certainly not in this particular fashion.”

Remus nodded. “I get the feeling he’s merely on loan to us, Sev. Though if we get lucky, it might happen again. I don’t see why that should change the relationship dynamic. After all, you know Brand wears control like a second skin.”

“Yes, but what about—” He stepped to the side slightly and snapped, “Head down, pet,” before looking back at Remus and saying, “I mean us, love. The last thing I want is for us to suddenly start treating each other differently because. . . .” Severus trailed off and made a helpless gesture.

“We’ve had that discussion before, Sev. And this is just a fantasy, just a game. We have our fun, and so does he, and in the morning, he’s back to being our Lord’s heir, my godson, and your close friend. But if you aren’t sure about this, say so. I’m quite certain that Voldemort can handle things from here if you don’t want to continue. I love you wholeheartedly, Severus, so whatever you decide is fine with me.”

Severus pondered that for a short time, then nodded and leaned in for a brief kiss of affirmation. “In that case, I suggest we go see just how delicious he really is. He’s probably getting restless.”

“True, but I wouldn’t doubt that this delay comes as no shock to him, either.”

“Mm. Shall we get undressed, then?”

“I think we should,” Remus said agreeably, then reached out to push the robes of his mate’s shoulders. A short time later he was crawling onto the bed and kneeling in front of Brand’s face, slowly stroking his cock as Severus moved to kneel behind their toy and produce one of the vials he had procured earlier.

Remus took hold of the chain again and pulled up, lifting Brand’s head. “Please me, pet,” he commanded gently, and fought against the urge to close his eyes as Brand nuzzled his cock with the side of his face, then swiped a very wet tongue along its length. To distract himself slightly he shot a look at his mate, who had busied himself preparing Brand, but was watching them intently as his other hand roamed freely over the welts he had placed earlier.

Remus half closed his eyes as Brand engulfed him and began to move his head in a torturously slow rhythm. “That’s good, pet,” he said softly as he watched with avid eyes his mate finger those welts. The idle thought passed through his mind—what would those feel like on himself? What did it feel like to be whipped?

Brand twitched and squirmed with every touch of Severus’s hands, but he did not seem to be in any particular distress. If anything, it appeared to excite him further. Severus finally got tired of playing around and coated his cock with oil, then pressed the head against Brand’s anus.

Brand moaned and pushed back, getting a sharp slap to the ass for his actions. “Don’t be so impatient, pet. You’re supposed to please us, your masters. Keep that up and we may not allow you to find release for a while,” Severus reproved, then slapped Brand again and pushed forward with a jerk of his hips.

Brand repeated his actions, getting yet another sharp slap. Remus might have smiled were he capable. Brand was getting exactly what he wanted under the guise of being disobedient. Severus forewent being gentle and sheathed himself fully, dragging a sound from Brand’s throat that was pleasure and pain combined.

“Expect to be punished for this, pet,” Severus said silkily just before he started to thrust in earnest, punctuating his actions with additional slaps and semi-rough handling.

Remus knew for certain that Brand loved every moment of it, his own actions increasing in intensity in response. Remus didn’t think he’d ever been fellated with such fervor; he was having difficulty keeping his eyes on his mate. His control was being eroded almost against his will, and he cast the chain aside to bury his hands in Brand’s hair.

A short time later his mate was collapsed over Brand’s back, while Remus himself had pulled away, propped up against the headboard and waiting for his heart rate and breathing to even out. He knew, intellectually, that the intensity of his orgasm was not necessarily due to Brand’s skill, or even how they felt about each other, but rather to the situation itself.

Eventually his mate began to stir, so Remus reached for his wand and waited until Severus had disengaged, then cast a cleansing charm. Severus cast him a grateful smile, then glanced down at Brand and arched a brow. “You’ve been a very naughty pet,” he commented. “What do you think, love? Should we play with him until he begs for it?”

“Well, Sev, he did have quite a bit of difficulty in obeying you. I think it might do him some good. I think our pet needs to last until we’re ready for another round. After all, he has a devilishly clever tongue, love. You really should experience that for yourself before he’s allowed to have an orgasm.”

“If you think that’s wise,” Severus said agreeably.

“I would like to see our pet sprawled across your lap while you torture his cock, Sev.”

“Would you? I think I can be persuaded, love.” Severus reached and slapped Brand’s ass again, then slipped off the bed, only to walk to the head and sit back down next to Remus, who scooted over to make room. “Come here, pet, and lay across our laps.”

As soon as Brand was settled Severus nudged his legs apart a bit. One hand lazily teased his cock, while the other slipped down to stroke Brand’s perineum. Remus ran his fingers over Brand’s lips, then slid one inside his mouth with a quiet command to suck on it. Then he looked over at his mate.

“I’ve been thinking, Sev. How shall we let him cum? I can think of a number of ways to accomplish that. For instance, we could actually let our pet fuck one of us. Or, we could make him stroke himself to completion while we watch.”

“If he continues to be so disobedient, love, it shall have to be the latter. He is supposed to be pleasing us. On the other hand, he may taste as good as he feels.” Severus let a finger drop down to tease at Brand’s anus before stroking back up firmly, ostensibly ignoring the fact that Brand was writhing against them in nearly silent supplication.

“Perhaps if he’s a very good pet we can ask him what he would like as a reward when the time comes,” Remus suggested.

“Again, I think I could be persuaded.”

Brand was quite nearly whining a short time later, Severus having continued to stroke him, but never letting him reach orgasm, using every trick he knew of to prevent it. Remus had taken to pinching Brand’s nipples and rolling them between his fingers with one hand while continuing to pseudo-fuck his mouth with his finger.

“I don’t think he’s allowed to beg, love,” Remus said, shifting his position slightly to accommodate the results of his own quickening interest.

“I suppose that is possible. How do you want to take him, love? As before, or in some other way?”

Remus considered, gazing around the room slowly, then nodded. “It seems such a waste to not restrain him at least once this evening, Sev. I think we could use one of those benches to good effect. We could always move something into place close enough to help support you as well.”

“As you wish. Stand up, pet.”

Once Brand was standing next to the bed, waiting with downcast eyes, both men slipped off the bed. Severus went to situate things to his own preference, so Remus grabbed Brand’s chain and led him toward the bench his mate had chosen, then crouched down to shackle Brand’s ankles to the uprights. Then, he pulled Brand’s arms back and had him clasp his own forearms. Remus spent a minute wrapping a narrow length of fabric around them to secure them together, then carefully turned Brand’s collar around so that the chain hung down his back.

Another minute of work saw the chain wrapped around Brand’s forearms and pulled, forcing them upward and away from his body, then fastened off to keep them that way. A second later Remus pushed Brand over, the padded surface supporting him just below his ribcage, then looked up to see if Severus was ready.

And, being the curious fellow that he was, once his mate had commanded their pet to please him, Remus began slapping Brand’s ass as he prepared him, taking care to always land his blows on the earlier marks of punishment. The effect was obvious as he watched his mate, who seemed to be fast losing his usual restraint, and had wrapped one of his hands in Brand’s hair as he arched back against the second bench behind him.

Remus smiled, then withdrew his fingers and pressed himself against Brand, pausing only for a second before sheathing himself. For being so tight their pet was deliciously easy to enter. Remus dug his fingers into Brand’s hips with almost cruel strength, then started thrusting.

And it was he who was collapsed over Brand’s back a while later, breathing heavily and mourning the fact that his softening penis was slowly moving free of its embrace. Several minutes later he pulled away and stood straight, resting a hand on Brand’s lower back for support. “I think he was quite obedient this time, Sev. Perhaps we should reward him after all.”

Severus nodded and fetched his wand, casting cleansing charms, then said, “He still needs to be punished for earlier, love, so I suggest that one of us gives him another whipping while he’s being rewarded. Would you like to do the honors, or shall I?”

“I don’t think I’m quite ready for that, Sev. Perhaps next time, if there is one? You handle the whip.”

Severus arched a brow and nodded, then headed out of the room momentarily. Remus took that time to slip around to the other side, then drop to his knees and fit himself under the bench. As he reached up to rub the head of Brand’s cock he said, “I expect you to let us know just how much you enjoy this, pet. Don’t hold back.”

And Brand did, practically howling in pleasure with every stroke of the whip, and screaming quite loudly when he did eventually reach completion. He had to be half carried over to the bed once they had released him from his bindings, and was tucked in between the two of them for sleep.

The next morning Remus awoke slowly, aware of the very familiar form of Severus pressed up against him. It took some time before he realized what was missing and opened his eyes, turning his head to scan what part of the room he could manage to see.

Brand was sitting at the foot of the bed, propped against one of the posts, and once Remus’s gaze connected with his, he lurched forward and crawled over to place a gentle kiss on Remus’s lips, then slipped off the bed and smiled. “I’m going to get dressed and order us breakfast,” he said softly. “I’ll see you in the lounge shortly.”

Remus blinked a few times as Brand walked away, then pushed back against his mate to wake him. “Sev, darling, it’s time to get up. It’s breakfast in a few minutes.”

Severus responded by pulling him closer and kissing his neck, then giving a slight sigh and releasing him in order to sit up. “If we must.”

Food was already waiting when they emerged and took seats, and Brand had already begun to eat, pausing to flash them both a smile as they filled their plates.

“So,” Remus began while buttering a piece of toast, “are you willing to explain now?”

“What do you want to know?”

“How long has this been going on?”

Brand shrugged lightly. “Around six months. It was another one of those things I had to nearly be hit over the head with, despite all the evidence that should have made it plain to me.”

“You’re referring to Voldemort.”

“Yes. We were talking about why I was suddenly starting to crack up, so to speak. I’d held in everything for so long.” He shrugged again and added more food to his plate. “At any rate, it became clear to me that Tom loved me as more than just the son I’d asked to be. He’s my father in name only, and I realized I didn’t exactly care about the fact that most people would see what I was about to do then as wrong. I deliberately provoked him and he reacted as I expected. As it was, I gave him a choice of sorts, and he chose to be dominant.”

“Should we assume that you’d never done that before?” he asked curiously.

Brand shook his head. “Never. Well, I did dominate Draco, but . . . not like that. I didn’t want to think, I wanted to feel, and that’s exactly what Tom gave me. I liked it, a lot. I could sit back and let someone else make the decisions, all of them, and I could just go along with it.”

“What of us?” Severus asked.

Brand smiled and wrinkled his nose playfully. “I got curious. I know it was probably wrong to look, but I couldn’t help myself. It’s not like I’d ever actually checked to see why you kissed me that time, Severus, aside from the obvious, but I decided to then, after. And you had still been thinking about it occasionally, not to mention what I glimpsed of you and Remus talking. So I thought about it a great deal more and came to a decision. I do trust you two, you should know that, so I wasn’t all that worried about playing my little game with you. If you didn’t want to play, that was fine, but if you did, I knew you wouldn’t. . . .”

“Abuse that trust?” suggested Remus.

“Yes. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t always about that. It isn’t like I don’t have normal sex. It’s all just a fantasy of sorts, just like Tom being my father is a fantasy, like you being my godfather is a fantasy. It doesn’t mean it’s not real, but neither is it, if that makes any sense. When Draco died I honestly thought I might follow him for a time.”

“And how do you feel about Voldemort?”

Brand glanced off to the side for a moment, then said, “I’ve loved him for a long time. I’ve always craved his approval and his affection. I’m just not sure if that means I’m in love with him.”


“Yes, Moony?”

“I think you know I’m not going to pass judgment.” He paused to chuckle, then said, “Hypocrisy aside, I’m simply happy that you’re happy again. I’m also moved beyond mere words at your trust in us.”

“You know I love you, Moony, though I don’t think I’ve ever said that explicitly to you, Severus. I do, though, love you.”

Severus nodded, apparently unwilling to comment directly. Remus didn’t find that surprising; it had taken some time before his mate had become so open with him about his feelings.

“Should we expect to be accosted again in the future?”

Brand flashed a devious grin at him. “Maybe.”