Grazhir :: Harry Potter :: FFT :: Sleeping Tidbit

Sleeping Tidbit

Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, crack, OOC-ness, certain kinks I refuse to name
Pairings: Harry/Remus/Sirius

Summary: Another fractured fairytale, featuring the return of Tidbit as Sleeping Beauty.

Notes: Something came to mind while considering this. Something evil. This is the result. Now, I can’t give the warnings I might give, because in giving them, I might be giving things away, and I don’t like giving things away, you know? (The original concept was a lot more evil, actually, but in a different way.)

There was a bit of an argument at the door.

“I made it through those horribly overgrown grounds and a castle full of creepy sleeping people, so I’m the one who should obviously have first crack at things!” insisted the dark-haired man.

Remus tried, and failed, to not roll his eyes. “You seem to be forgetting about how I helped you as much as you helped me, good sir, so I think the question of who goes first is up in the air. And besides, we don’t even know what awaits us.”

“Sir? I’ll have you know I am Prince Sirius Black of Black Forest!”

Remus sighed and shook his head. “And I am Prince Remus Lupin of Loup Garou. In other words, you don’t outrank me. Now, shall we enter?”

Sirius huffed and whipped open the door. “Fine,” he said and strode through.

Remus heard him gasp and quickly followed, only to stop dead on seeing the absolutely gorgeous creature resting on a snowy white bier. Just like all the others in the castle, the young man was trapped in an enchanted sleep, to waken only when his true love was found. And, as legend went, that would likewise awaken the inhabitants of the castle and grounds, asleep for countless years.

Sirius whistled and shook one of his hands. “My my my.”

Remus licked his lips and nodded. “Well, we could dice for it.”

“You brought dice?” Sirius asked incredulously.

He sniffed. “I like a little danger in my life.” Remus moved closer to the bier and reached out to flip back the light blanket covering the youth, then tossed it to the floor.

Sirius, not to be outdone, stepped to the other side and fetched out a knife, then began slicing away the young man’s clothing. Shortly thereafter the youth was quite naked. “Breathtaking,” he said. “I wonder what his name is.”

“He’s a succulent little morsel, a delicious little tidbit.”

“Tidbit? I like it. Let’s call him that. But that doesn’t answer the question of who has the honor of trying to awaken him first.”

Remus arched a brow at his companion and reached out to glide the fingers of one hand down Tidbit’s chest. “We could share him, you know. After all, I’m a second son, with no particular duty toward the kingdom.”

“What a strange coincidence,” Sirius said. “So am I. Do you even have any idea what we’re supposed to do?”

Remus shrugged and let his fingers glide lower. “The usual sort of thing is a kiss. If you agree that we’ll share Tidbit, regardless of who wakes him up, then you can try that first.” His fingers curled around the youth’s flaccid cock and began to tease at it.

Sirius shot him a narrow-eyed look. “I might, but how do I know you’ll stick to the agreement if you’re the one who wakes him?” He reached out to tweak one of Tidbit’s nipples and twist it, then sweep a hand across the youth’s chest.

“How do I know you will?”

“Because I’m honest?”

Remus snorted and said, “Why don’t we write up a quick contract? We’ll agree on the terms, then both sign it, all right?”

“Fine.” Sirius tweaked Tidbit’s other nipple and stepped away. “Then let’s hash it out.”

A half hour later they each had a copy of the agreement (Remus always carried all sorts of supplies with him, as one never knew what might come in handy), signed by both.

Sirius immediately returned to the bier and leaned over to kiss Tidbit. Nothing happened.

Remus nudged him out of the way and kissed the youth as well. Again, nothing happened. “Hm. So much for stereotypes.”

Sirius gave a little gasp. “Look! He twitched, I swear it.”

“But he’s not awake.” Remus pondered for a few minutes, then looked at Sirius. “You know, I’ve been thinking. I’m a bit concerned given how delicious looking he is. Other people might try something once we’ve woken him up and taken him away from this place.”

Sirius frowned and shot a look at the youth. “You think so?”

“Certainly. Wouldn’t you be tempted if you saw him prancing about? Tempted to spirit him away?”

Sirius had another long look at Tidbit. “Are you . . . suggesting something?”

“I think we should make it very plain that Tidbit here belongs to someone. That way, anyone seeing him would know to stay away. Like . . . a mark.”

Sirius frowned again and planted a hand on one hip. “Okay, what the hell? This isn’t in the script, Remy.”

Remus threw his hands up in the air and let out a pained groan. “Just once I wish you’d play along. But no! Okay, look. I really am concerned. You think about it. Harry likes to prance around in his little skirt, flashing everyone. It’s the reason we noticed him in the first place.”

“Yeah, so?”

“Siri, buy a clue! Haven’t you seen the way some of the villagers look at him? Like they want to eat him? Yeah, sure, Harry was innocent once, and honestly didn’t understand what effect he was having on people. But he knows now, and he finds it amusing. He’s a monumental tease, a born exhibitionist.”

Sirius absently hauled a chair over and had a seat. “You’re serious about this. And what exactly is this . . . mark . . . supposed to do?”

Remus got a chair for himself and sat down, then leaned forward. “A visual cue, a warning. The villagers would see it and know Harry isn’t up for grabs. And, should they try to lay hands on him anyway, they’ll be in for one hell of a nasty shock.”

Sirius nodded, then said, “Uh huh. Why do I get the feeling you’ve been thinking about this for quite some time, and suggested this particular game purely because Harry wouldn’t be able to protest?”

Remus smirked wickedly. “You know me so well. Yes, exactly.”

“Well, all right. I take it you’ve got the glyphs and runes and whatnot already worked out?”

“Certainly. When am I ever not prepared?” Remus replied with mock indignation. “I was thinking maybe we could place it on his hip.”

Sirius shook his head almost violently. “No.”

“Why not?”

“No, no, no. If we’re going to do this, it goes on his ass. The villagers won’t be looking at his damn hip. On the other hand, he bends over enough in front of people for his ass to make sense.”

“Hm, excellent point, Siri. I’m quite proud of you.” He leaned forward to engage his lover in a passionate kiss, then pulled back before things could get out of hand. “In that case. . . .” Remus rummaged around in his pockets for the parchment he needed, then stood up and kicked the chair out of the way.

“Okay, Siri. Back in character.”

Sirius nodded and stood, took care of his chair, then stood on one side of the bier again. “Uh, where were we again?”

Remus closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He loved Sirius, he did. Really he did. With all his heart. Then he repeated, “I think we should make it very plain that Tidbit here belongs to someone. That way, anyone seeing him would know to stay away. Like . . . a mark.”

Sirius’s eyes went wide in remembrance. “That’s an excellent idea!” he enthused, then hauled Tidbit up and gently flipped him over. “I think it should go right here!” he said and slapped the youth on the ass.

“I find myself to be agreeable,” he said.

“Is this going to hurt him?” asked Sirius worriedly.

“Oh, probably,” Remus said blithely. “But I’ve got some potions we can use afterward to heal him up.” He showed the parchment to his companion. “Luckily, I happen to have just the thing on hand. We just need to brand this into place, coat it in our blood, chant a bit, and voilà!”

Sirius blanched and went a bit queasy looking. “Brand?”

He nodded. “I don’t know how else you’d expect to do it. Oh look, there’s a fireplace over there. Just what I need.” Remus headed that way and busied himself with his self-appointed task, preparing an iron that just happened to be sitting there, already fashioned, almost as though someone had . . . known it would be needed.

Once it was nicely glowing hot Remus slipped on a heavy glove and grabbed the handle, then brought it over to the bier. “Get your knife ready,” he instructed, then handed over a sheet of parchment. “And this is what we’ll need to be chanting, okay?”

As Sirius was fetching out his knife Remus pressed the red-hot metal against Tidbit’s left ass cheek and winced at the sound and smell, not to mention the fact that the youth moaned in pain. He held it there for a second or two, then flung the iron at the fireplace and stripped off the glove.

“Ooo, that does look nice,” he commented, then held out his hand. “Make a small cut in the palm of my hand, then do the same to your own. We need to seal this now.” Remus fetched out a potion with his other hand and yanked the cork out with his teeth as he let blood drip from his wound onto the brand.

He then poured a small amount of the potion in his palm to heal the wound, and likewise took care of Sirius’s hand after he was done. The potion was resealed and tucked away, and Remus said, “Now we chant.” And they did.

A short time later Remus poured a potion over Tidbit’s ass and watched in satisfaction as everything healed up nicely, leaving behind a stark black design branded into the sun-kissed flesh.

“You know, I rather like it,” Sirius said musingly. “It’s going to look gorgeous when he’s skipping about and his skirt flips up to show it off.”

“Siri, darling? In character, please.”

“Oh, right.” Sirius shifted guiltily and blinked a few times. “So now what do we try? A kiss didn’t do it.”

“Well, we could try kissing something else? I suppose if it comes to it, maybe this is a very special case and we’ll need to . . . break him in?”

Sirius smacked his hands together. “I have it. I think I know what we ought to do. One of us can deflower that tight little ass while the other finds out just how delicious he really is. And if that doesn’t work, well . . . you get to figure something out.”

Remus grinned and nodded. “You got to go first last time. I think it’s my option to choose which I’d like to do, and I would like to taste him.”

Sirius let out a growl of pleasure. “It’s a shame. I’d rather like to break him in from behind so I can see that nice new mark, but that’d be kinda awkward I suppose.”

“Yes,” Remus agreed, then paused. “Actually,” he said, “we could manage that.” Tidbit was carefully shifted down the bier until his waist was past the edge, and Remus knelt at the end of the bier, using it as support.

Sirius moved to stand behind Tidbit, unfastened his trousers, and dipped his fingers into a jar Remus held out, slicked up his cock, then dipped in again so he could begin preparing Tidbit.

And, despite the enchanted sleep, the youth began moaning softly and twitching. The jar was shortly set aside and Sirius pressed the head of his cock against Tidbit’s anus, then started to ease forward.

Remus took that as his cue and began fondling Tidbit’s cock prior to capturing it within his mouth. He knew damn well that Harry wasn’t going to wake up until they had both had their pleasure of his ass, but Harry would feel everything as though he was awake, so Remus gave it his all, using every trick he knew of to bring their beloved third to orgasm.

Sirius collapsed over Tidbit’s back just a few seconds later, and stayed like that for several minutes, absently running a hand up and down Harry’s leg. Remus slapped his lover on the ass sharply, causing Sirius to jerk upright with an, “Ow.”

“You looked like you needed motivation,” Remus said dryly. “And it’s obvious that wasn’t enough, so I suggest we switch places.”

And so they did, and it was Remus collapsed over Tidbit’s back a while later. Just about the time he was standing up and easing free Tidbit began to stir from his enchanted sleep.

Remus quickly fixed his trousers and moved to help the youth up to a seated position. He staggered back when Tidbit shrieked and slapped his arm, then burst into tears. “Harry?”

“You branded me!” Harry sobbed. “Like a damn cow!” He shrieked again and buried his face in his hands.

Remus was quick to pull their beloved third into a hug as Sirius stroked Tidbit’s hair. “It was for your protection, sweetheart.”

Another shriek rang out and Harry slapped them both before hiding his face again and sobbing wildly. It was a good ten minutes before he quieted, and Remus carefully pried Harry’s hands away from his face. The poor dear looked just pathetic, with swollen red eyes and a seemingly permanent pout.

“M’not a cow,” Harry mumbled.

“No, you’re our tidbit, love, and we want you safe.”

“Nobody’d do anything.”

Remus rolled his eyes at Sirius over Harry’s head. “Sweetheart, you’re quite nearly irresistible. Those village men have been eyeing you like dessert. For that matter, so have some of the girls.”

“Have not,” Harry said sulkily.

Remus frowned. “Harry, when have I ever lied to you?”

Harry’s gaze shifted off to the side. “Never.”

“Precisely,” Remus said with a nod. “And I know you, tidbit. So instead of trying to convince you to be someone you’re not, I found a way to help keep you safe from the depredations of others. And now you have something else to show off when you skip about.”

A minute passed, then Harry mumbled, “What’s it look like?”

Remus fetched out the parchment that showed the design and held it in front of Harry.

“Oh.” There was a pause, then, “It’s sorta pretty.”

“Just like you,” Sirius said.

“It hurt,” Harry said peevishly.

Remus tucked the parchment away and pulled Harry close so he could try to kiss that pout away. “I’ll make it up to you, tidbit,” he said coaxingly.

Harry gave him a suspicious look. “Oh? Are you going to let me brand your ass, then?”

He blinked a few times. “That wasn’t what I had in mind, I admit.”

Harry scowled. “Maybe both of you should have one.”

A loud thud made both Remus and Harry look toward the sound, only to see that Sirius was passed out cold on the floor.

“You know,” Remus said casually, “if it wasn’t for the fact that what I worked out for you won’t work for him, now would be the perfect time for Siri to get his done.”

Harry laughed and kissed him.