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Notes: Just a lark. POV is kind of scattered, but I can’t bring myself to care. This marches along with part of chapter eleven of the main story.

“Have you ever been with a man before?” Armand asked softly as he slowly undressed a somewhat dazed Lucius. The blond shook his head, prompting Armand to continue, “Well don’t you worry about a thing. We’ll take very good care of you.” When he was done he gestured at the bed and said, “Go ahead and take a seat. We’re going to explain a few things for you.” And then he disrobed as well.

Marius was already naked and had placed a jar of lubricant on the bedside table. “Lucius,” he said as Armand stretched out on the bed, “I’m going to prepare Armand for penetration, so I want you to watch carefully. It isn’t such an important step for sex with an incubus, as we’re built for this sort of thing, but we still enjoy it very much.”

He slipped onto the bed and reached for the jar, then coated one of his fingers. “Start off with just one, and plenty of lubricant. The idea is to relax his muscles so that he’s willing and able to accept more. As we go on I’ll add fingers until I feel that Armand is ready.”

Lucius sort of nodded, his eyes fixed on the scene before him. Marius kept speaking softly as he worked, and eventually pulled away and wiped his hand clean on a towel, then gestured for Lucius to move into position. The blond was already hard, even without having been touched.

“That’s right,” Marius said as Lucius pressed the head of his cock to Armand’s anus. “Now, nice and easy. Armand will tell you if you’re moving too fast, and he’ll also tell you when he’s adjusted to your cock and ready for you to really fuck him.”

Lucius apparently found the whole experience to be quite enjoyable, and was shortly pounding into Armand’s ass like a man possessed. Armand, for his part, was letting it be known that he was having a fabulous time of it. And perhaps it was just the novelty of the situation, though more likely that Lucius hadn’t had sex in forever, but the blond lost control in a relatively short amount of time and collapsed over Armand’s back in blissful satisfaction.

Marius gave him a couple of minutes and then exerted himself, having gained quite a lot of control lately over his thrall. Lucius reacted by straightening up and pulling free, then flopping down on his back. After a quick spell Marius switched places with his mate, but he chose to lie on his back. At that point Armand took over again.

“Okay, Lucius. You might notice that you’re more or less ready to go again. You can thank Marius for that,” he said with a grin. “An incubus could make a stone randy, I swear. In any case, your next lesson is to prepare Marius as he showed you, but minus the lubricant. He’s going to react a bit differently than I do, though, since he’s going to lose himself in the pleasure in a way that you and I just can’t comprehend.”

The blond hauled himself up and knelt between Marius’s legs, then slowly eased a finger inside. A slight gasp escaped his lips and he turned his head questioningly toward Armand.

“That’s why no lube. It’s totally unnecessary. But, as you can see, Marius is greatly enjoying what you’re doing. You’ll find out why yourself soon enough.”

Lucius shivered and went back to imitating what he had witnessed Marius doing, and again turned to Armand questioningly after a bit, who seemed to be reading minds. “Prostate gland. Now, you should know that there’s a marked difference in how it feels when you fuck an incubi as opposed to a non-incubi. And, since I know my mate is more than ready for you. . . .”

Lucius removed his fingers and started to reach for a towel, then slowly raised his hand to his face. After a second he tentatively licked a finger, and blinked in surprise, causing Armand to chuckle. “Don’t make him wait,” Armand urged softly.

The blond started slightly, then positioned himself and sheathed his cock slowly, a low moan issuing from his lips as he did so. “Dear Merlin,” he whispered, finally moved to speech, “you’re right. This is indescribable.”

Armand moved to sit at his mate’s side as Lucius began to fuck him, and reached out to start stroking Marius’s cock in time with the blond’s thrusts. Within a minute, however, he slid down so he could fellate his mate and urge him toward greater heights of ecstasy. In no time at all, despite Lucius having barely recovered from the first round, the blond was jerking without control into Marius once the incubus had lost himself in orgasm.

Several minutes later Armand chuckled and ran a hand down Lucius’s back. “Odd, huh? The orgasm of an incubus almost always triggers one in their partner. And now, I think it’s time you learned just exactly why having something in your ass feels so good, and for me to have an orgasm of my own.”

Lucius was shortly lying on his stomach, a plump pillow under his hips, and a finger was easing into him.

“And if we haven’t completely worn you out after this, maybe you’ll be up for several more rounds?”