Grazhir :: Harry Potter :: Snapshots: CIA :: Voyeurism


Notes: This little scene was prompted in part by a review by dime, but not directly. That only comes into play with Harry’s offer. The other prompt for this was some fanart I stumbled over recently.

“Oh, Harry, I nearly forgot,” Armand said. “It seems that a number of your men are kinky bastards themselves.”


Armand nodded. “Apparently they’re going to be starting up a weekly gathering at Weath’s, a bukkake party.”

Harry blinked slowly and dropped his chin a bit. “Uh huh.”

“But it’s not that simple,” Armand added. “They plan to make it into a bit of a gambling event. Whoever loses control first has to either pay each participant one hundred galleons, or clean all the semen off Weath with his tongue. I allow, I’m quite curious to see how that would go. I should think if they had enough people in the group it would be a tense competition given the penalty for losing.”

“I . . . see.” Harry tried to wrap his mind around the image, then shook his head. “I’m beginning to think Tom and I ought to forget the ministry and take over the black market instead.” He paused, then shot Armand a look. “You’d be curious to watch that?”

“I admit, yes.”

“Hm. Well, Tom set up a nice little viewing screen in our bedroom just recently, showing Weath’s enclave. I suppose I could set one up in yours if you wanted.”