Grazhir :: Harry Potter :: Snapshots: CIA :: Inadvertent


Notes: More or less happens during chapter five, but prompted by the very ending of chapter four. Dedicated to animehime for being such a fantastic sounding board during my frustration with the last bits of chapter five.

Marius blinked a few times and looked at his mate. “You know, despite being deliriously happy with you, my love, I have to say the look that passed between those two really turned me on.”

Armand smirked. “I am glad to see I’m not the only one having wicked thoughts due to that. Shall we leave them to their lunch and sit for a time in the back garden?”

“The sun would be pleasant,” Marius said with a nod, then rose.

They left the kitchen and approached the back door, but movement caught Armand’s eyes, causing him to shift to the side and stare out the window. His breath hitched a second later, and he reached out to blindly grab hold of his mate’s arm and pull him over.

A second or two later Marius was heard to say, “I don’t think we should be watching this.”

“Yes, I agree,” Armand said, making absolutely no move to back away or avert his eyes.

“It’s a horrible intrusion on their privacy,” Marius said faintly.

Armand released his mate’s arm and instead slid his hand around to cup Marius’s backside. “Yes, horrible intrusion.” A few more movements had his mate standing in front of him, pressed up against him, so Armand began grinding against Marius while his eyes remained fixed on the sights to be seen through the window.

“We should probably focus on the pets,” Armand commented, reaching around to stroke his mate through his clothing. Marius responded by moaning and reaching back to hook his hands around Armand’s neck. “The pets won’t mind.”

“No,” Marius breathed.

No to what he didn’t know, but Armand simply couldn’t be bothered to care at that moment. “We shall have to try that sometime,” he said, then bent his head long enough to bite his mate’s neck. “It would be like making love in public, my darling, but not.”

“But. . . .”

“Mmhmm. Just think about it, my angel, imagine it. Making love in the great outdoors, under an open sky, with all those people strolling by on their way to their everyday activities. And yet, they could not actually see us.”

Marius arched his back, pushing his ass firmly against Armand and shifting his feet apart.

“Yes, I think perhaps one of these mornings when our hosts are busy with work, we can—” Armand was brought up short on realizing that Harry and Voldemort had finished their assignation and were preparing to return inside. But it was difficult to tear his eyes away from the remaining show still being played out.

“Ah, I think now would be a good time for us to absent ourselves, and finish this in our suite, don’t you think?”

Marius groaned in frustration and pushed back against him again, further weakening his resolve.

“Come along, my love. We must away. They will be upon us soon, and we must not be caught.” He gently pried his mate’s arms away from his neck and turned Marius around, daring to drop a quick kiss on his lips, then grabbed his mate’s hand to lead him toward the stairs.

They were halfway there when the door opened and their hosts appeared. Armand did his best to not appear as uncomfortable as he suddenly felt; he smiled and nodded, then continued leading his mate toward their suite.