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Notes: This is sort of a missing scene, occurring in the middle of chapter four.

Armand finished up his scans of Voldemort and paused with a thoughtful frown, then moved over to the counter to check the results of the blood work. After turning back he said, “Everything checks out fine. You are in excellent health. I do, however, have some questions for you, but they might seem a bit delicate in nature, or even horribly impertinent.”

Voldemort arched a brow and said, “Go on.”

Armand cleared his throat. “Prior to your . . . rebirth . . . what was sex to you?”

“Not much more than an exercise in power,” he said truthfully.

“And were you very active?” Armand asked tentatively.

Voldemort shook his head.

“What about after your rebirth?”

He pondered that briefly, then said, “Not much different, though I admit I was a lot more inclined toward the act. Why?”

“I could be wrong,” Armand said slowly, “but given what I know of your rebirth ceremony, and of your actual age, I must speculate that having used Harry’s blood the way you did had an effect on your physiology. Granted, magical folk are greatly bolstered by magic itself, which explains a great deal about the extended life span and the almost total resistance to muggle-type illness.

“However, you have the capabilities of a twenty year old man. I tend to think, especially after seeing the blood test results, that the inclusion of Harry’s incubus blood altered your new body. Had you used a normal wizard’s, I don’t think you’d be quite as, er, vigorous.”

Voldemort narrowed his eyes in thought. While it had occurred to him that his rebirth seemed to have afforded him quite a number of advantages, he had not taken into account Harry being an incubus. Even as a teenager with only the potential, there were, obviously, certain aspects that were unique to them. The fact that Harry was nigh well addictive could not explain how it was that Voldemort could perform as frequently as a randy teen. Well, unless the pheromones they secreted when hungry were designed to get a rise out of even a wizened old man.

Eventually he said, “I had wondered about the less visible effects of the serpent’s offerings, but not Harry’s. You think this might explain why I can keep up with him?”

Armand nodded. “Oh, you’d be able to keep up with him anyway, but you’d be tired a lot of the time. That would be the case for me if I were a pure human, but I was born and remained a potential, and thus have advantages uniquely suited for being a bond mate. It seems you do as well.

“I have to wonder if a test would reveal you to actually be a potential. If so, I can say with confidence that your offspring with Harry will have a much greater chance to be true incubi and succubi. And whether or not you decide to test this theory, I respectfully suggest you mention this to him.”

“Mm.” Voldemort rose and made for the door, then paused. “Assuming that Harry is agreeable, I would like to extend an offer to you to become our personal mediwizard. I’m certain we could find work for Marius should he desire it, something suited to his preferences, if you accept.

“I realize you already have a life, a home, and friends, but Harry is quite fond of you both, and we will need someone we trust to keep an eye on not only our health, but that of our children. Discuss it with Marius, and with your matriarch, and let us know.” Then he continued on, out through the door.