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08 • Enthusiasm

Harry returned to the garden feeling well fed and very relaxed; his mate had indulged him twice, after all. As he went to claim a chair Moony crawled over and sat back.

“I’m curious, pet. How do you feel about being required to use force with Peacock?”

Moony hesitated, perhaps because Armand and Marius had decided to join them, or for some other reason?

“Moony,” Harry said warningly.

“I feel a bit torn. I think you know I’ve spent most of my life being as harmless as possible because of my curse. I’ve never wanted anyone to be afraid of me. But I remember clearly when I taught for a year at the school. At the time I thought that Peacock was a snotty little pure-blood supremacist brat who badly needed to be taken down a few pegs. So, I’m somewhat ashamed of the fact that I rather enjoy finally being able to do something about someone like him.”

Harry nodded. “He looks a bit more worse for wear, I notice.”

“He seemed to think that if he couldn’t lord it over me, he could Weath, so I enlightened him as to his mistake.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes, master. I responded to that as I thought you would wish.”

“Very nice, pet. Does Armand need to go check on Weath?”

Moony shook his head. “He’s fine. Peacock never got a chance to hurt him.”

“All right. You mentioned something about toys earlier. I’m shocked, Moony, really. You’re turning out to be a touch kinky, aren’t you.”

His pet flushed and shifted uncomfortably, then straightened up a bit and said, “I’ll have you know I wasn’t innocent. It isn’t like I haven’t been restrained before or indulged in games. Peacock seems to be pretty resistant to the idea of buckling down, though, and I can only smack him so many times before my hand starts to hurt.”

“Hm.” Harry regarded Draco thoughtfully for some time before rising to his feet. “I’ll be back.” He skipped off to the shed to rummage through the supplies and pocketed a few things, disappeared into the house for a few more oddities, then returned to the garden.

He stunned Draco and floated him over to a nice tree, not the one they usually sat under, and positioned him to be on all fours. Cuffs were added around his ankles, each bearing a steel ring. Into his mouth was inserted a naughty little gag shaped like a fat, short cock, and that was secured in place.

A steel chain was attached to Draco’s collar and wrapped around the tree several times, pulled tight and secured so that Draco’s face was only inches from the bark. To go with the ankle cuffs were a couple of threaded metal rods, which Harry screwed into the ground at a fair distance apart, then ran a chain from the rings on each cuff to an eyelet surmounting each rod. One more small length of chain was used to limit how far apart Draco’s hands could move.

He stepped back to admire his handiwork for a bit, then glanced over his shoulder and signaled Moony. “He stays like this for the rest of the day, pet. You can release him when it’s bedtime, okay? In the meantime, he’s quite helpless, so whatever suits your fancy. Weath can play with him if he wishes, of course, though I rather think he’d try to see just how many times he can get Peacock to orgasm in a single day.

“I have a couple of other things you can amuse yourself with as well if you want.” Harry dropped a paddle on the grass, several more threaded rods, some clips, and a fat dildo of sorts. “I suppose you could use that to keep his ass nice and stretched for you, unless you prefer him tight. Hm.”

He removed the stunner, chortling when Draco immediately tested his bonds. “If he gives you trouble at night, just stake him out or whatever. I’ll also have a little chat with the serpents. Actually, I strongly suggest you do stake him out at night, or tie him up or whatever. I don’t think you want to worry about what he might be up to while you’re sleeping.”

“It’s almost too bad,” Moony observed quietly, “that I can’t keep him once he learns to behave.”

“Why is that?”

“Well, for one, he’s a lot prettier than Weath is.”

“And the other?”

“I think I’m going to enjoy making him my bitch.”

Harry arched a brow, thinking back to Moony’s comments on having been restrained himself, and wondered if his pet was saying that he’d like to play both sides of the coin. “We’ll see. Depending on how things go, I might be able to arrange for you to have him one or two days per week.”


Voldemort had called an assembly. He and Harry were presently seated on their throne-like chairs, and behind and to either side of them were standing Armand and Marius, wearing those mysterious hooded cloaks that made them resemble special forces or visiting dignitaries or something.

“You may rise,” he said, and waited for the Death Eaters to obey, then, “My friends, we have several items on the agenda for today, two of which may be considered treats. As to the first, you will now have access to a type of fringe benefit. You may all recall that a certain member of the Weasley family was exposed in a public scandal. That Weasley was captured and has been . . . persuaded to extend to all of you the same courtesies he was for the dearly departed Fudge.

“To that end a small enclave has been constructed within the compound to house him, midway between the training facility and the fields, so that any of you with the inclination might avail yourselves of Weath’s eagerness to please. And I will point out, my friends, that there are certain rules you must abide by. Speak with the handlers on duty and they will be overjoyed to explain.

“As to the second, volunteers are being taken for a new game of Ministry baiting. As you no doubt recall from the papers, Scrimgeour has, in all his wisdom, decided to send out hunters to subdue and capture Harry Potter. Those who volunteer will be provided with a golem in the likeness of Potter for the purpose of using it to lure the hunters in for capture.

“Any and all hunters caught will be brought to the compound for processing. And yes, there will be a method whereby those of you who delight in torture can be chosen to see to a hunter’s fate. Bonuses will be paid out, as per usual, for those who succeed. Anyone who wishes to participate will speak to Melkanson.

“Neither of these things, my friends, will interfere with your normal duties. Should any of you become a bit too cocky or lax, you might just find yourselves sharing duties with Weath.” He smiled in cold amusement when a number of the Death Eaters flinched, then nudged his mate, who instantly took up the thread of power.

“All reviews have been completed at this time,” Harry said, “so the training facility will be converted back to its original layout. This will allow for classes to be once again held inside during inclement weather.

“Also, some of the captured hunters may be used as subjects for the torture training classes. It depends entirely on how many are brought in by all you lovely people. And you will, in the coming days, look to your superiors for information regarding a new list of bounties, separate from the issue of hunters.

“We are maintaining our policy on members of the Order of the Phoenix. They are, at this time, completely disorganized and not a threat. In fact, I rather find them good for amusement. So, all you lovely people will be behaving yourselves and leaving them alone, unless you would like Lord Voldemort and I to come up with creative new ways to torture you.

“The only people who should be skulking in their back yards are the ones assigned to that task. Finally, any of you who wish to take awareness training will speak with Melkanson. You may all go.”

Voldemort and his mate stood as one and headed off through the door at the back, closely followed by Armand and Marius. And as they were finishing up another delicious meal that Harry had cooked Voldemort said, “I have a present of sorts for you, Harry.” He was pinned with an intense look, which prompted him to add, “I will show you once we’re upstairs.”

His mate became thoughtful at that and began to nibble his lower lip, all while shooting him curious looks. A short time later they were upstairs, and Voldemort took Harry’s hand and led him into the bedroom, then gestured at one of the walls. “Since you do appreciate watching others fuck, love, I’ve set up a little viewing screen for you, though I hope that you will not use it when I’m not around.”

“What’s it set to?”

“Weath’s enclave. I suppose you could use it to check in on occasion rather than making a personal inspection, though.” Voldemort waved his wand at the screen to activate it; a number of Death Eaters were already clustered around the handler on duty, badgering him with questions.

Harry turned and wrapped him in a hug. “Thank you so much, Tom. I know I’m being a bit difficult lately.”

Voldemort kissed the top of his mate’s head and said, “I allow, watching others doesn’t leave me unmoved, either, Harry. Why don’t we get comfortable on the bed and see if anyone gets lucky today, hm?”

Harry ripped off his clothes in record time, then undressed him, and settled onto the bed, though Voldemort had his mate sit on his lap. They had only to wait a few minutes, with him idly stroking his beloved’s cock, before one of the Death Eaters moved to play, and was quickly enjoying Weath’s talents at fellatio. Another Death Eater, obviously not any more shy than the first, moved to sink his penis within Weath’s available ass.

Voldemort stroked his mate’s cock a bit more forcefully and used his free hand to gently nudge Harry’s legs much farther apart, then wrapped an arm around his torso. “You did an excellent job with him, my sweet. Weath is everything you wished him to be when it comes to accommodating others. I expect he will be very popular.”

Harry let out a breathy sigh and rested his head against his lover’s shoulder. “Moony seems to be enjoying himself with Draco. I wonder if he would like to also train that creature trader?”

“I see no reason why you shouldn’t ask. If Moony is not inclined, I am sure we can find a Death Eater to handle breaking the man’s spirit before we dispose of him. As it is, I’m beginning to wonder just how far you’ve corrupted the werewolf.”

Harry arched and moaned softly, then said, “And . . . the dinner party?”

“This coming weekend. I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun playing with people’s heads.” He teasingly flicked his thumb over the head of his mate’s cock for emphasis and smiled when his beloved responded loudly and tried to wriggle free of his hold. “No, love, not yet. You shall cum for me, Harry, to show me how much you like your present, and then I will make love to you, twice, I think.”


Voldemort kissed his mate’s hair and shifted his arm, moving that hand up to roughly twist and pinch Harry’s nipples.


“So, pet, how have things been going?” Harry asked, eyeing a Draco whose face was sporting a lovely selection of bruises. He also had a number on his body, along with scratches, and his backside seemed to be rather pink. Harry only noticed because of the way Peacock was presently restrained, his ass up in the air like an offering.

“Peacock is very willful,” Moony said simply.

Harry nodded and said, “Well, I’ll keep him here for up to a month. Speaking of recalcitrant bastards, how would you feel about seriously training someone?”

“What . . . do you mean?”

“Well, you see, there’s this Wizengamot member who needs to be dealt with. Most of them are kinky bastards, pet. It’s amazing, really. Anyway, one in particular really pisses me off. He’s been offering sanctuary to magical beings, like werewolves, promising to help protect them from the Ministry’s insane laws and whatnot, give them a better life.

“The thing is, he then turns around and sells them as slaves to people in Middle Eastern countries. Now, you might think I’m being a touch hypocritical considering I’ve made you my pet, but this fellow has to go. If you wish to have a hand in teaching him a lesson before I sell him off or kill him, you may. Otherwise I’ll track down a Death Eater deserving of a reward and let them break the guy.”

“You might have made me into a pet, but you’re not collecting your own pack of werewolves to do the same to, and you are a very kind master considering how badly I wronged you. May I . . . have some time to think about it?”

“Oh, sure,” Harry assured his pet. “We’ve a dinner party this evening that our current targets will be attending, and I plan to do quite a bit of meddling then. If necessary I can slap the man into a coma and shove him in the dungeon until I’m ready to start his, er, attitude readjustment.

“I’ll give you a week to decide, and if you do want to, I won’t give him to you until Peacock is gone, so you wouldn’t have to worry about two at once, okay?”

“Yes, master,” Moony said, then jerked his head around.

Harry followed his gaze and smiled as his two friends approached.

“Harry, if you don’t mind, I’d like to run a quick scan on the pets,” Armand said.

He nodded agreeably and looked to the side when Marius said, “Hm, Peacock just doesn’t like to behave, does he. Harry, do you think we could go on an outing today? There are a few things I’d like to get and some reference materials.”

“Absolutely. Should I borrow Lucius from Tom, or would wandering about London be all right?”

“Both, I should think. Just in case. And besides, he’s quite a handsome man.”

Harry chortled and nudged his lover with several images, and nodded when he received back an acknowledgement.

“They’re both fine,” Armand said. “You might want to consider feeding Moony more red meat, though. If you want I can work up a diet plan for him so you know what sort of things to add to the shopping lists.”

“All right. We can get some of that today, spend the whole afternoon out?”

Armand nodded and took a seat, then brought out some paper and a pencil to rough out a list. Harry enjoyed the sun for a few minutes more, then stirred and said, “I suppose I should wait inside. Lucius shouldn’t be much longer in arriving I expect, and frankly, I’ve no idea of his reaction should he see his darling baby boy all trussed up like a Christmas gift for a dom.”

He got to his feet as Marius laughed, and turned toward the door, only to see it swing open and Lucius appear. “Well, this should be interesting,” Harry murmured, then signaled for his minion to approach.

And Lucius did, and dropped into a deep bow, ostensibly ignoring how his son began struggling once he noticed his father was present, though his cane might have twitched. He again pretended ignorance when Draco flushed a deep red on quite probably realizing how it looked for his ass to be wiggling about like an invitation to debauchery. “How may I be of service, my lord?” Lucius asked quite smoothly.

“Another outing, Lucius. I’m not actually sure if we’ll need you, but Marius rather likes you, so whatever. You might know of some places in magical enclaves we should visit for what he needs, but we will be wandering through London, too.”

“Yes, my lord.”

“Right, then let’s go, shall we?”

Quite a bit later on they were strolling down a London street when Harry’s eye was caught by a rather shady-looking shop, and he diverted inside. He was delighted to realize that it was a sex shop and immediately started browsing, mentally compiling a list of things he might purchase for Moony’s little task.

Armand and Marius also found the place interesting, whereas Lucius remained close to his lord, who was presently wearing the guise of Justus Bane. “Oooo,” Harry said, picking up a wide black leather collar with several metal rings attached. “Lucius, do be a dear and try this on? You resemble Peacock enough that I can get a good idea how it would look on him.”

Lucius blinked slowly, as though he could not believe what he was hearing, then stepped forward to take the collar and fasten it around his neck.

Harry tilted his head to the side and pressed a finger to his lips in contemplation, then signaled his friends over. “What do you think? Would it look nice on Peacock?”

Marius narrowed his gaze. “Yes, but I think there’s also wider versions. Perhaps one of each?”

Armand rooted through the selection and produced one, very similar in style, but wide enough to force the wearer to keep their chin up.

Harry gnawed on his lip, then nodded. “You’re right. I’ll get both. Thank you, Lucius, you can take that off now. You know, I’m in such a good mood I think I’ll buy for everyone. So, whatever any of you would like from here, just go wild, okay? And if you see anything for Moony, toss that in as well. Money is no object. Lucius, that does apply to you, too, so don’t be shy.”

He snagged both of the collars and found a carrier to hold his upcoming purchases, then wandered off toward a display of paddles and whips. Lucius trailed along behind him silently.


“I simply must commend you, Lucius,” Harry was saying quietly. “I can’t imagine how you did it, but every last one of them is here.”

Lucius inclined his head.

“How long,” said Voldemort, “before they all succumb?”

“Thirty minutes, my lord,” he murmured. “We shall have to be on the alert so that none of them drown during the soup course.”

Voldemort immediately had a vision of his beloved making Wizengamot members lick each other’s faces clean, and smirked. “Fine. Once we have things set up, we can recoup some of the expenses from them.”

Harry, in contrast, had begun laughing softly. “Why, Lucius, I do believe you’re developing a sense of humor.” He then turned to his lover and said, “Shall I set some of them up, then, with a little mental programming to slowly drain off part of their accounts and pay it to us?”

“I should think that would work nicely. If nothing else, since there are quite a few targets here, you could wire them to present themselves for the real programming, love, at a later date. That way they could walk away from this evening without realizing they’ve been manipulated.”

His mate nodded and glanced at the ceiling, then said, “I could do a mass bit of conditioning, then take each aside for specifics. Yes, all right. I can do that. By the time they’re ready to go home, they’ll all believe they’ve had a delightfully vacuous evening, with a nice dinner, some entertainment, and go home feeling like they’ve done an excellent job at wasting time.

“Except the one. I’ll take care of him tonight specifically. Unless you have a good reason not to, I shall mind fuck him to the point where we can drain his accounts dry, have him sign over all property, and make him give us an entrée to his operation so any victims can be set free. Then I can turn him over to someone to really mess him up. And if he’s got any workers helping him, I suppose they can just go into the donation and rewards pools?”

Voldemort nodded. “Certainly. I know how much you dislike the man.”

“I should like to tear his dick off and choke him with it,” Harry snarled, then looked thoughtful. “I never did get around to doing that with Sevvie. But then, he behaved himself while I was playing with my knife.”

Lucius shivered almost imperceptibly, which made Voldemort smirk in amusement. “That reminds me. You never mentioned anything about the females.”

Harry blinked, and his eyes rounded briefly. “Oh. Well, they aren’t innocent, either. I think one of them had been taking lessons from Umbitch, actually. Just there, in that revolting purple and lime green caftan?” He pointed discreetly.

“Um.. . . The one opposite, five seats down—Skeeter says she’s got a little stable of muggle pretty boys she plays sugar mama for, but she doesn’t actually have relations with them. Instead, she spies on all their assignations and sells copies of the memories. You know, the wizarding version of porn flicks?

“And . . . one of the ladies waits until her lovers are asleep, then keeps them asleep for long enough to rev them up again and make plaster casts of their cocks so she can fashion herself toys. She’s got quite a collection, and I hear she sells copies from her more famous conquests on the black market.”

A short time later people started plopping face first into their meals, which made the three men spring into action, so to speak. Each Wizengamot member was rescued from suffocation or drowning, at which point Lucius politely quit the room so that he wouldn’t have to be killed for witnessing something he ought not to.

And after each person was fed one of Harry’s special potions and were all sitting in a cozy little manageable group, Harry got to work while Voldemort roughed out a schedule of appointments to speed things along. When they did leave to return to the compound Harry had a single man in tow, Despatis, destined for a nice night in the private dungeon.


“Moony, we had a bit of fun while shopping and the three of us picked out a whole bunch of nice things for you to use,” Harry said as he rummaged in a large box. He pulled out a paddle and examined it, noting that one side was smooth while the other was rough, and said, “Strange, I don’t remember this one.”

He shrugged and tipped it back in and pulled out a package instead. Opening that revealed a rather more elaborate restraint system than he had acquired earlier, one which would allow Draco to be tethered to a handy tree, such as at night, so that Moony wouldn’t need to worry about being savaged by a vengeful bitch while trying to get his well-earned rest.

That was set aside as he continued to sort through things, occasionally holding one up for his pet, and then he sat back and eyed Draco. Fifteen minutes later the blond was all decked out in his new outfit, tethered, and released from the stunner Harry had used on him.

“Now, none of that should interfere with your amusements, pet. I did think to pick up some really interesting oil I noticed. You can slather up one of the toys and lube his ass with it. It’ll drive him mad enough that he might actually beg you to fuck him, and it is edible.”

Moony looked quite thoughtful at that.

“I’ve got that one fellow in the dungeon. Once I’m done bleeding him dry and all that, I’ll come see if you wish to play with him, okay? Actually, why don’t you go ahead and use that oil on Peacock now. I’m rather curious myself to see how effective it is. And you can coat his cock with it, too. It’s supposed to tighten up as it dries, which should make for some interesting sensations for him.”

“I’d be delighted to, master,” Moony said, then fetched a few things from the box and headed off. Draco was backhanded into submission and quite thoroughly prepped, and Moony wandered back to sit and observe.

Harry was incredibly amused, a bit later on, when Draco backed his ass up against a tree and began rotating his hips almost frantically to manipulate the toy inside him.

The raid, of sorts, went well a few days later. A couple of werewolves were released from captivity, a half dozen ‘trainers’ were captured, and anything valuable was stripped from the property.

Strangely, or perhaps not, the two werewolves were so grateful to be rescued that they expressed a desire to become Death Eaters. And Voldemort, always on the look out for capable men, included them in the party brought back to the compound for Lucius to have a chat with. Harry knew that if the two men changed their minds, they would be obliviated of the pertinent bits and released well away.

Harry also escorted his little friend to Gringotts, where Despatis was pleased to sign away everything he owned to Justus Bane, and authorize a transfer of his entire fortune as well. Nitpuff was quite pleased to gain a generous bonus out of the deal, which Harry was more than happy to pay him. After all, it wasn’t like it was his money to start with.

As it turned out Moony wasn’t interested in beating the stuffing out of Despatis, so the two new Death Eaters were given the task of tormenting their erstwhile captor and breaking his spirit. That was partly a test to see if they would obey orders, but also simply to see just how creative they could be when they had a vested interest.

They were very enthusiastic.

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