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07 • Discipline

“I’m at my wit’s end, I swear,” Harry whined.

“What is troubling you, my sweet.”

“It’s Weatherby! I think he likes being punished, damn it.”

Harry clutched at his hair in frustration, causing Voldemort to frown slightly. “Love, I suggest you set him up with his own little enclave and start him off in his intended role.”


“I would prefer you leave the garden as is. That being so, you can create a new place for Weatherby and assign handlers. You had every intention of setting him up to be a compound fuck toy, my sweet, so I think you should move ahead with that. And besides, if he causes you much more distress, I will simply kill him and be done with it.”

“Oh,” Harry said softly. “Where do you want me to set him up?”

“Midway between the fields and the training facility. I will pick out the handlers so that you need not concern yourself with that as well.”

“All right, Tom. Though, I sort of wonder how this will affect Moony.”

Armand slid into the conversation, saying, “We do spend a lot of time out there, Harry, so it’s not as though he would be devoid of company.”

“Yes, but you don’t spend all day, every day out there,” Harry pointed out, “and Moony hasn’t done anything to warrant punishment.”

“So give him access to the house. He can trail along after Marius and me. We can just set up some warding to keep him well away from your section of the house.”

Harry nibbled on his lower lip thoughtfully and darted a glance at his lover. “If we did that, I could also send the house-elf over with Wea—actually, I’m changing his damn name. I despise Weatherby. It’s going to be Weath from now on.”

Voldemort gave his mate an indulgent smile and said, “The house-elf, love?”

“Oh, right. The house-elf could watch over him exclusively, then, when the place was off limits, or fill in during breaks for the handlers, I suppose.”

“That sounds fine,” Voldemort assured him. “Once you have completed the construction we’ll take care of the transfer, and then he will not be able to upset you any longer.”

Harry nodded, feeling happier. “I should probably get some samples from him, actually. It’s not like he’d know the difference, and he’s never going to have an opportunity to father children normally. We could test things out with his sperm, as there’s no point in collecting samples in bulk if none of them will be viable for the project’s purpose.”

“If you wish, Harry, I can attempt to assist with the muggle side of things,” Armand offered.

“Well, you are a mediwizard, so that might be very helpful.” He sighed and gave a bit of a shrug. “Suppose we could do that now. One, at least.”

Voldemort pushed back his chair and stood. “Love, I’m heading back to my office. Please nudge me if you need me, all right?”

“I will. I’m behaving, remember?” he said with a grin and lifted his face up to receive a kiss, then watched as his lover wandered off. He rose and began to collect the dishes when Armand intervened.

“Harry, you do too much. It is not right that you cook such delicious meals for us and also handle the cleaning up. From now on, please, allow me to take care of that.”

“But you’re a mediwizard,” Harry protested.

“And you are a dark lord. So your point would be?”

“Um, right. You got me there. Just stuff them in the sink for now and let the scrubber at them,” he said and waved his hands around. “I want to get this over with.”

They were shortly ensconced outside in the shade of the tree and both pets were sitting nearby. He heaved a sigh, feeling inexplicably ill at the very idea of obtaining a sample, then came to a decision and nodded. “Moony, I need something from Wea—wait, hang on. I need to change his name first, don’t I.”

He shook out a wand and cast a spell on Moony to deafen him temporarily, then spoke a code phrase to Weatherby and set about fixing that little issue. Once he was done he removed the spell from Moony and started over. “Right, okay. Moony, I need something from Weath here, and you get to be the one to get it for me.”

Harry accepted a tube from Armand. “You will cause Weath to ejaculate into this tube,” he said and extended it after removing the cover.

“Okay,” Moony said slowly. “How come?”

“Because, pet, I need to find out if sperm samples from magical people are adversely affected by muggle methods of storage. I can’t very well plan to sneakily increase the magical population of the UK if the samples are damaged by the process, or the resulting children are depressingly non-magical.”

Moony frowned at him and looked almost offended. “Why him? Why not me? It’s not like I can pass on my curse that way. We’re only forbidden to reproduce because the Ministry has some ridiculous notion that we’ll breed up an army to overthrow them with.”

Harry blinked a few times, feeling a touch flapped for a moment. “Moony, you sound jealous.”

“Well I am. He’s got nothing in particular to recommend him, and certainly not more than I can offer by way of genes. And besides, I’m smarter than he is.”

“I can’t believe I’m hearing this,” Harry murmured, then looked at his friends. “What do you think?”

“I don’t see why not,” Marius said. “Take samples from both. And Moony can continue to provide them even after Weath has been transferred.”

Moony jerked his head back and said, “Transferred? Master, what is going on?”

Harry shook his head. “Get the sample from Weath, Moony. Don’t try my patience right now.”

Moony shrank in on himself slightly and nodded. “Yes, master.”

Harry decided it was better for him to wander off a short distance, and left the cover on his chair. As he wasn’t sure how he would be affected by Weath getting off, he figured it was best to avoid the matter entirely. He wandered back over when Armand signaled him and resumed his seat, making the assumption that one of his friends had tucked the sample away.

“Weath, go take a nap,” he ordered, and was gratified when his pet did just that, obviously too satisfied to act up.

“Now.” He tilted his head to one side as he gazed at Moony. “You wish to provide samples, eh?”

Moony nodded.

“Fine. Allow me to explain your upcoming new circumstances, pet. Shortly I will be transferring Weath to a new location within the compound. His continuing disobedience is stressing me out, and I don’t like it. Neither does Tom. So, either Weath gets on with his actual purpose, which is being the compound’s fuck toy, or he ends up dead when Tom loses his patience.

“Given that, I will be making it possible for you to enter the house once he’s gone, though you will be barred entry to certain sections. Armand and Marius do not object to you following them around, but if you make a nuisance of yourself, you will be banished to this park again, got it?”

Moony nodded again.

“At any rate, since you actually have a brain, I’m sure you can be trusted to provide samples whenever Armand should ask it of you. And as far as I’m concerned, it’ll be up to them if you continue to eat and sleep out here, or inside.” He frowned when he realized that his pet was looking almost scared of him. “Now don’t do that. Yes, I’m irritated right now, but you’re not the cause of it.”

Armand and Marius went into a huddle, which made Harry arch a brow at them, then Armand stood and extended a hand to him. “Come with me a moment, please?” When they were some distance away Armand said, “This isn’t good for you. Moony might not be the cause of your upset, but neither is he helping at the moment. You might not realize it, but you look and act tired right now.”

“I do?”

Armand nodded. “I’ve noticed something about you, Harry. When you’re tired you act more like a child would. You defer easily to your mate, for one thing, or even ask him to tell you how to handle something. You also become a bit vague and unfocused. As your mediwizard I strongly suggest you go lie down for a while.”

Harry wasn’t sure he agreed with that assessment, but he had promised to obey Armand in his official capacity, so he nodded. “Okay. I can’t read for a bit first?”

Armand narrowed his gaze. “An hour, Harry. I don’t like to do this, you know. You’re our matriarch, so this feels incredibly weird.”

Harry giggled softly. “I’ll behave. Make my apologies to Marius, will you?”

“Of course.”

Harry drifted off toward his sitting room feeling slightly bemused.


Voldemort stepped into the kitchen and immediately stopped. Harry was nowhere to be seen, and Armand was just setting plates on the table. “Is there something I should be aware of?”

“I sent Harry to bed earlier, for a nap, and he’s not come back down yet, so I’m afraid I’m the one who has made dinner. I don’t think my cooking can compare to his, though.”

Voldemort nodded. “I mean no offense, but I shall be taking my plate upstairs. I wish to check on him.”

Armand shook his head and smiled. “I understand.”

He grabbed the nearest plate and swiftly made his way to their suite, and it was deposited onto a convenient table as he crossed the room and into the bedroom. Harry was asleep, so Voldemort carefully took a seat on the edge and reached over to brush the hair back from his beloved’s face.

A second later a set of soft emerald eyes were staring at him, and then Harry yawned. “Hi,” he breathed.

“How are you feeling, love?”

“Fine. Armand seemed to think I needed a nap, so I took one. I didn’t think I was tired, but I guess I was. What time is it?”

“Half five.”

Harry’s eyes went a bit wide on hearing that. “Oh. Maybe it’s the stress, and maybe once Weath is moved. . . .”

“Stay here, my sweet. I just need to fetch something.” Voldemort was out and back in less than a minute, and propped himself up on the bed with his plate and a glass of wine. “Let us find out just how bad of a cook Armand is, hm?”

His mate laughed softly. “I didn’t think a Frenchman could be a bad cook. And I’ll have you know I didn’t raise a fuss.”

“I am very glad to hear that,” he said between bites. “This isn’t half bad, actually.”

Harry snuggled up to him, mindful of the plate, and said, “I didn’t remember to tell them that we finished fiddling with the wards. But I think they’ll be happy they can wander around starting tomorrow—this evening, really. When I took them on that tour Marius was constantly sizing people up. I have to wonder if he was considering other models.”

“Perhaps. If he becomes confident enough, he may wish to seek commissions within the compound. Then again, given what you told me, he might be considering options for the odd one-off.”

His mate kissed his arm before saying, “Maybe. I admit, while I rather like the idea of watching other people fuck, and even to some extent the thrill of possibly being caught, I can’t imagine ever wanting another man in our bed.”

Voldemort had said he would not bring up that vow again, so he refrained from pointing out that loyalty to him meant that his mate would not be inclined to add an actual person, hands on, to their love making, as he himself did not want that. Though, it was obvious there was wriggling room or Harry would never have considered the use of a non-living substitute.

Instead, he went out on a personal limb and said, “I can’t imagine another man ever touching you, love. I’m afraid I would become jealous.”

Harry shook his head. “I rather like that, actually. You keep me safe, and will protect me when I need it. I know that should I somehow end up in a situation where my weakness is my downfall, you would take care of the problem.”

“Yes, someone would end up dead,” he said as he set his plate aside.

His mate slithered around until he was straddling Voldemort, then said, with a mischievous look, “Touch my scales, Tom. Make me beg?”


A few days later Harry was a man on a mission. It seemed that a certain blond was having trouble with his lesson, as evidenced by a conversation he had only just overheard. Someone had witnessed Draco having the shakes and had, in all innocent concern, reported it to his father, and Lucius had brought the matter to his master.

Granted, he had been reluctant about the whole thing, but Harry supposed it was because this was going to constitute strike two. Lucius was certainly wise to arrive at that logical conclusion, or at least suspect. And, given that Harry was still feeling all kinds of irritation over Weath, he was more than happy to have a genuine reason to be nasty to someone.

So it was that he was slinking through the compound in search of the blond, and paused as he approached a corner of one of the buildings, hearing the voice of that exact person. A casual but cautious look showed that Draco was in the company of his two friends, and while they would be able to see him should he step out fully, the blond would not.

And he did, taking care to make a silencing motion with his finger, and slinked up behind Draco, not getting too close.

“So, gentlemen,” Draco was saying, “you seem like you might be worth my while, and time.”

“Oh?” Marius said with an arch of his brow.

“Well, you are both exceptionally handsome. Like me.”

Harry bit his lip hard to keep from laughing.

“And rumor has it that you’re a bit of an artist,” Draco said to Marius. “Does your friend here model for you?” The blond’s head moved in such a way as to suggest he was blatantly checking Armand out. “Perhaps I should consider learning the craft myself.”

“I model for him whenever he likes, however he likes,” Armand said naughtily. “I wouldn’t think of denying him.”

“Really,” Draco drawled. “And what sort do you do? Paintings, sculpture. . . ?”

Marius sort of smirked. “Erotic sculpture,” he clarified.

“I should like to learn about that,” Draco said.

“You could learn firsthand,” Armand said. “That is, if you felt like modeling for my friend. You don’t appear to be the shy sort, after all.”

Draco became a stereotypical Slytherin for a moment and said, “And what would I get out of it?”

Wicked Marius stepped up close to whisper in his ear, “Just imagine, you’re leaning against a low wall, your hands gripping the smooth edge, while my friend here is naked before you, on his knees, worshipping your cock like it deserves. Your head is thrown back in ecstasy, or perhaps you’re gazing down at him approvingly as he demonstrates just how devilishly clever his tongue is. That’s the sort of thing I like to capture, and I might even consider animating the results, like a photograph, but in all three glorious dimensions.”

Armand, not to be totally outdone, stepped up as well. After shooting Harry a wink over the blond’s shoulder he whispered, “Or perhaps it would be more interesting for me to be on all fours, offering up my ass for your pleasure, and my friend could capture that instead.”

Both men stepped back with decided smirks on their faces, and Harry was tempted to intervene at that moment, but wanted to see how Draco would react first.

“Well, now, that does sound intriguing,” Draco said blandly. “And what about payment from the artist?”

Harry rolled his eyes and decided it was time for his own agenda. “Intriguing, Draco Malfoy?” he said in that creepy dead tone. “I find something to be intriguing myself.”

The blond whipped around to display a nervous expression. “My lord?”

“Oh, yes. You shall come with me, Draco Malfoy, for it appears that we need to have a little chat. It has come to my attention that you need a bit of reinforcement when it comes to obeying your lord and master.”

Draco’s expression went blank, though Harry thought he could detect a hint of defiance within. “Yes, my lord.”

Harry glanced beyond Draco to his two friends. “Gentlemen, I’m sure you can . . . play with your new friend later on.”

They each bowed slightly, and Harry gestured at the blond to follow, then led the way to his office. He sat down behind his desk, shook out a wand, and nailed Draco with crucio for a full two minutes, peripherally noticing that his lover and Lucius were still in the next office.

“So, Draco Malfoy, you cannot seem to get the picture. Why is it that I suspect you’re having a conflict of sorts, between my present identity and my previous?”

Sounds from the other office had ceased, causing Harry to aim a half smile at his erring minion. “Consider this strike two, Draco Malfoy. As your first punishment does not seem to be working, I shall simply have to up the ante. Vex me a third time and I will kill you, having come to the conclusion that you are tiresome in the extreme, and no longer an asset to this organization.

“You see, I find it exceedingly peculiar that you continue to suffer from what I did to control your tongue. That tells me that you persist in foolishness, not to mention are fairly stupid. Or, perhaps, you’re a closet masochist?

“I can arrange to have that little kink indulged, Draco Malfoy. In fact, if you recall, I gave you an option on punishment before. It is, now, a given.” Harry smirked when Draco’s eyes went a bit wild, but at least the blond held his tongue. “Stay,” he ordered, then rose and pushed the connecting door open fully so he could stand within.

“How delightful. Lucius Malfoy, I think that part of the problem here is that your precious baby boy believes you will always find a way to save him from himself.”

Lucius winced and said, “He must pay the price for his mistakes, my lord. He is no longer a child for me to keep safe even against the consequences of his own actions. If he is to be an adult he must live as one, with all that entails.”

“Now that is the sort of thing I like to hear, Lucius Malfoy. Realism. Your son will be going away for a week or two, so should you wish to speak with him before his little holiday from reality, you have my permission to do so now.”

Lucius appeared to almost agonize over that, but eventually inclined his head. “Thank you, my lord,” he said and stood, then passed through after Harry stepped out of the way.

A fierce, low-voiced argument ensued. Harry didn’t especially pay attention, and took the opportunity to steal a kiss or two from his lover, who was pleased to give them. By the time Lucius came back he was perched on the edge of the desk, absently fingering his wand. “Are you done, then, Lucius Malfoy?”

“Yes, my lord. Thank you.”

“Splendid!” Harry slipped off the desk and slinked back through the door, closed it most of the way, then turned and nailed Draco with a stunner. He then pulled open a desk drawer and removed a dog collar, set the destination, and affixed it around the blond’s neck. A tap of his wand sent his victim off to the garden.

He took another minute to retrieve one of his special potions, then slinked off to the house. He found his two friends in a room off the main hall and paused to speak with them. “Gentlemen, how delightful to see you again so soon. I was just on my way to mete out some punishment to a recalcitrant minion, and should you like to help, by all means, I would be thrilled if you were to accompany me.

“After all, I do have the notion that you two might wish to amuse yourselves with my new toy, temporary as he may be, and far be it from me to deny my friends—my family—that particular joy.”

Armand and Marius exchanged a look, then nodded at him, and Armand said, “We would be overcome with happiness to render you assistance, my lord.”

“Fabulous!” Harry said, completely dropping the act. “He’s had a few minutes to stew out there now, so let’s go fuck with his head, huh?”

The two grinned. “You’re such a bad influence on us, Harry.”

He faked a moment of shy pleasure, then giggled. He gestured in invitation, then skipped off down the hallway toward the back door, and whipped through it in record time. Harry was shortly standing near a frozen Draco, who had actually managed to stay upright after being portkeyed.

“I think that collar looks adorable on him, don’t you?”

“I agree,” Marius said seriously. “So, what do you plan to do to him?”

Harry shot them a wicked smile. “Just watch.” As the pets had not yet come to investigate he was able to float Draco over to the shade tree and set up some privacy wards. The blond’s mouth was pried open and he was made to drink down the potion, and Harry simply left him there while it took effect.

They chatted amiably for a while, then Harry released Draco from the stunner and got down to business; he had a couple of things in mind specifically, aside from the blond being a bitch. The first was to increase the amount of pain Draco would feel if he set off his trigger. The second was to embed a key phrase, a different kind of trigger, into Draco’s subconscious.

Also done was a complete check, much like he would have for a victim he intended to interrogate, torture, and kill. All of Draco’s clothing and items were dumped into a box, which was banished to the house, and from the shed came Moony’s old restraints, which Harry rigged up on the blond.

“Now, I want to make this clear,” he said before Draco swam back up to consciousness. “He’s probably going to need punishment. I really think he can’t make the distinction between Lord Thanatos and the boy he went to school with. He’s probably been mulling that over too much, and I wouldn’t doubt for a second that he’s angry and all that due to ‘Potty’ being in a position of power over him.”

“What sort of punishment?” Armand asked.

“Humiliation, obviously. I’m going to save that key for after he’s been here a week or so, and use it as a demonstration of a final warning. But aside from that, do not be surprised if I become violent. Moony will also have permission to use force.

“You see, Peacock here isn’t a toy so much. He is a Death Eater, and he has sworn to obey his masters. That being said, while it’s rare these days, it’s not unheard of for one of them to fuck up so badly that they are tortured or even killed. We will not tolerate that sort of disrespect from Death Eaters. So, this one gets a different set of rules.

“If you want no part of that, okay. I know neither of you are particularly violent men or given to those urges. But if he requires discipline and you’re out here, either you give it, or order Moony to.”

There was a pregnant pause, then Marius said, “All right.”

“I know, I’m not quite right in the head.”

Armand instantly shot him a smile. “We think you’re quite charming, Harry. And . . . we would prefer to refer to it as eccentric.”

He laughed and nodded. “Okay. You’re the mediwizard, so henceforth I am eccentric.” A look at Draco showed that he was beginning to stir, so Harry dropped the wards and whistled sharply.

“Pets, as you can see you have a temporary companion.” He rolled his eyes when Weath scrambled over to snuffle at Draco’s penis. “Yes, Weath, suck his cock.” He turned his head toward his friends and murmured, “Maybe that’ll keep him occupied for a bit, eh?”

To Moony he said, “If you recall, pet, I threatened Peacock here with being your bitch for a week. Well, he’s earned it. And you, pet, will keep an eye on him and keep him in line. If that means use of force, you will do it.”

Moony eyed Draco and nodded. “Yes, master.”

“Being your bitch you can fuck him senseless any time you wish, though it might require a bit of violence to make sure he won’t bite you while giving head. No permanent damage, Moony. If Peacock acts up and Armand or Marius order you to deal with it, you will.”

Right about then Draco fully regained consciousness, just in time to shoot off down Weath’s throat. Several minutes later the blond seemed to come to the realization that he was on his back and rather restricted in his movements. “What the fuck?”

“Hello, Peacock,” Harry said. “How nice that you’re awake again. Weath, back off. Now, Peacock, you’ve earned a nice little holiday being Moony’s bitch, remember? Surely you didn’t think I was joking.”

“You can’t do this to me. My father—”

Harry hooted with laughter, cutting off Draco’s tired little threat. “Get on all fours, Peacock.” When the blond stubbornly refused he turned his head and said, “Moony, you have permission from now on to use your hands like a human. Now make him obey.”

“Yes, master.” And Moony, with his superior strength, was able to reach over and latch onto Draco’s harness, then drag him across the grass.

The blond put up quite a fight as Moony wrestled him into position, at one point yelling, “I’ll not obey some disgusting werewolf!”

Moony paused for a second, backhanded Draco into the ground, then started all over again. By the time Draco was on all fours he was sporting a split lip and numerous scratches, some of which were bleeding.

“Fabulous! That wasn’t so hard, now was it, Peacock? Soon you’ll be terribly obedient, won’t you.” Draco opened his mouth to retort and Moony slapped him silent. “Nicely done, pet. Thank you.” He leaned out long enough to affectionately ruffle Moony’s hair, then sat back.

“Peacock, you just don’t seem to get it. Your daddy isn’t going to save you any longer. We actually value him a great deal, which is why your punishment isn’t public. After all, he’s done nothing to deserve the collateral humiliation that would cause.

“But see, he’s not a stupid man, which apparently you are. You really need to get over the fact that I was who I was.” He had to wait for Draco to go through another round of the shakes at the reminder of his identity. “Hurts more now, doesn’t it. And see, that’s another thing, Peacock. The more you obsess over this, the more often that happens, and the more likely you’re going to self-inflict permanent brain damage.

“Nobody is going to give you the time of day if you’re no better mentally than Crabbe and Goyle. Get it?” After a brief pause he said, “I require a response, Peacock.”

“I get it,” Draco said sullenly.

Harry sighed and glanced at Moony, who promptly whacked Draco across the face again. “This disrespect thing you have going on is just rude, Peacock. If you’re not careful you’ll spend a week in the infirmary after we’re done with you, just to deal with all the injuries you’ve invited with your shitty attitude.

“Do you remember when you knelt down before Lord Voldemort? When he graced you with the Dark Mark? When you promised, in exchange for that honor, to work toward his goals and to obey his commands? For some reason you seem to think that because I was not the one to give you that mark that I am not to be likewise obeyed, despite your lord having ordered it.

“Did all of that mean nothing to you? Do you think being a Death Eater is like some exclusive gentlemen’s club, where you can pretend to be important, and every so often get to torture and kill someone? This isn’t Hostel, Peacock.”

Everyone looked confused at that, but he gamely carried on. “By the way, since you expressed such interest in helping out my two friends here, I’m sure you won’t mind if Marius uses you as a model. And if you’re really well behaved, they might even reward you.”

Draco shot a sidelong look at the two men, then seemed to realize what he was doing and sneered; Moony belted him again. Harry chuckled, then noticed that Weath was getting antsy. “Weath, be a good boy and lick Peacock’s ass for us. Prepare him for Moony.”

Draco stiffened up and might have tried to bolt, but Moony had a very firm grip on his harness; he wasn’t going anywhere.

“Would you like that, pet?”

Moony nodded and licked his lips.

“Well, I certainly think you deserve it. You seem to be extremely well qualified to teach Peacock here the meaning of obedience.” Movement off to the side caught his attention; Voldemort was approaching.

His lover tilted his head once he arrived, staring at Draco. “I’ve been watching, you know. Perhaps you should have nicknamed him Wildcat?” he said before taking a seat.

“He does rather resemble one, doesn’t he,” Harry said agreeably.

“My lord—” Draco’s appeal to Voldemort was cut off again by Moony’s ready hand.

Harry clucked his tongue. “You have your work cut out for you, pet. I sincerely hope you’re up to the task.”

“I will do my best not to disappoint you.”

“Well, I think it’s time for you to have some fun. Weath, back off.”

Moony carefully maneuvered around to behind Draco, keeping hold of the harness, then mounted the blond in one swift movement. When Draco howled in pain Moony paused to say, “Master, do you suppose I could have a few accessories at some point? Like, a gag?”

Harry nodded. “We’ll have a chat about that later. For right now, show him who the bitch is.” Of course, as the display continued Harry was becoming increasingly restless and had to keep reminding himself not to squirm or become caught up in lust. A sideways look showed that Marius was also having difficulties.

They managed to contain themselves, and by the time Moony came Draco had his face pushed into the grass to muffle his outbursts. “That was just beautiful, pet. Now, we’re going to go have a snack, so you’ll have some time to yourself with your new bitch, but I’ll be back later to discuss toys, all right? Good.”