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The Pill Not Taken

Notes: Requested by Leianora, and I’m also using her title suggestion. Obviously, an alternate look at what would have happened at the end of chapter ten (and of course into eleven), had Remus taken the yellow pill.

Harry whipped his head around in time to see the werewolf taking and swallowing the yellow pill. Lupin sat there for a few seconds, tears still streaming down his face, then curled up on the floor to await his fate.

Harry turned his head back to Voldemort and said, “Wow. I honestly didn’t expect that.” He quickly produced a wand and quietly summoned the red pill to his hand, then vanished it. “Let’s see how long it takes before he realizes something isn’t quite right.”

Round about fifteen minutes later Lupin appeared to be not only scared out of his mind, but rather bewildered given that he wasn’t in pain, or even dead. It was at that point that Harry slipped off his lover’s lap and sauntered straight through the false wall.

“Hello again, Lupin,” he said cheerfully. “You seem to be a mite confused. Is there a problem?”

“I’m . . . not dead yet?”

“Oh, no,” Harry said. “But you will be. I’ve got the most deliciously wicked death in mind for you. You’ll just love it. And it will be excruciatingly painful for you, just like I promised.”

Lupin cringed back, which made Harry giggle maniacally. “Now, you just wait here while I get things ready, okay? In fact, just to make sure you don’t try anything foolish, I’ll help you out.” Harry whipped out his wand again and shot a stunner through the bars. “Good boy. Stay.”

Voldemort smiled as his mate turned around and walked back through the wall. “Shall I remove that?” he asked, then did so when Harry nodded. Lupin managed somehow to look freshly terrified on seeing the Dark Lord.

Harry, meanwhile, was rummaging in a box, pulling various items out and setting them to one side. Then he disappeared into the darkness for a short time, returning with two golems in tow. He spent another few minutes fiddling about, then slipped onto Voldemort’s lap long enough to give him a lingering kiss. “I think I’m really going to enjoy this.”

“I’m sure we both will, my sweet.”

His mate gave him a coy smile and nodded, then stood up again. “Time to play,” he announced, then used his wand to open the cell door and then position the werewolf on all fours, his legs spread apart a bit. The golems were directed to stand fore and aft.

“This is how it’s going to be, Lupin. You see, a little birdy told me that you like to take it up the ass, and that you simply adore sucking cock, so I’ll be very pleased to arrange that for you. The catch is, these two golems are very, very special. Their cocks are loaded up, not with fake semen, but a solution in which silver is mixed. So when they orgasm, so to speak, you’re going to be injected with it. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

“And, while they’re fucking you to death, I’ll be having my own bit of fun with my spiffy little silver knife. I seem to be inordinately fond of carving flesh, you see, so you get to suffer that, too. I have to wonder, though, if being fucked twice over, despite the pain I’ll be causing you, will get you randy enough to become hard.

“I should find that extremely amusing, actually. Turned on by your own imminent death. It’d be rather droll, really. Now, are you comfortable? Ready? No, it’s okay, you don’t need to actually answer. I’ll just make the assumption that you are.”

He giggled softly and gestured at the golems; both dropped to their knees and inserted their cocks accordingly, then began thrusting mechanically. Harry produced the promised knife and dropped to his knees as well, off to the side, and started slicing precise lines into the flesh of Lupin’s back. After a second he looked up and said to his lover, “I shall carve the word whore on him. I think that suits. After all, here he is, taking on two cocks without one word of protest.”

Voldemort nodded, keeping a careful eye on the situation in case the werewolf began to show signs of breaking free of the stunner, and to assess how close to death the man was getting at any given time.

Harry continued to carve lines until he completed the word, sitting back slightly to admire the way Lupin’s flesh was beginning to blacken, then leaned in again to add some flowing curlicues and other adornments to add to the overall effect.

“It is almost a shame, Harry,” Voldemort offered up quietly, “that he did not choose red.”

“Huh? Why is that?” Harry looked over curiously.

“Because, my sweet, he obviously gets off on pain.”

Harry let out a soft gasp and ducked his head. “Oh my god. He does!” He reached in with one hand to give Lupin’s cock a few rough tugs and run his fingers over the man’s scrotum. Then he scooted back and flopped down onto his back so he could begin carving the man’s chest and stomach.

Voldemort noted that his mate was keeping a close eye on Lupin’s cock, which appeared to twitch every time the knife sliced his skin. It rather made him wonder if the man was just perverse, or if all werewolves had a tendency to desire sex combined with pain.

A couple of minutes later Harry wriggled out from underneath his victim, then rolled over and got to his knees. “How peculiar. What do you think, Tom? Should I send him off to death with an orgasm, or would that be far too kind of me?”

Voldemort shook his head instantly. “Too kind, my sweet.”

“Okay, if you say so.” He bounced to his feet and tucked the knife away, then checked over his handiwork and nodded. “In that case, I think it’s time. Time to die, that is.” Harry snapped the fingers of both hands at the golems, triggering their deadly ejaculation.

And, after backing out of the cell and securing the door, Harry released Lupin from the stunner. The sounds of utter pain and misery, muffled as they were by the cock still filling Lupin’s mouth, were nigh well deafening.

“You know,” Harry said as he slipped onto Voldemort’s lap, “it’s probably terrible of me to admit, but I’m feeling really randy now. Please tell me you’ll make love to me soon?”