Grazhir :: Harry Potter :: Snapshots: Control Issues :: Indiscreet


Note: This is the original text for when Harry and Voldemort overhear Draco being indiscreet, so this would march alongside chapter 17, sort of. Mind you, when written it made no sense to be where it was, since Harry had not yet employed inverse thrall. By the time I managed to fit the idea in, I thought a revel sounded much nicer.

A minute later (Harry had rolled his eyes at the obvious suggestion of distraction, though) they were striding off toward the constructs building, speaking of less grave issues in hushed tones, such as what Voldemort might like for dinner that evening. They were just about to step inside so that Harry could requisition his toys when he stopped dead and cocked his head to one side.

Voldemort started to speak, but Harry hushed him quickly with a gesture, then pointed off to the side. He crept over to the corner of the structure and peeked around, then slid down the side wall until he came to a stop under a window. Voldemort followed just as quietly, his face not showing the puzzlement he was surely feeling. And then it became clear.

“Father, I’m telling you, our master Lord Thanatos is not human,” Draco nearly hissed.

“Draco, you are a fool to bring this up again, especially where any imbecile could overhear. You risk losing your life over base curiosity, and it is not your place to question either of our masters for any reason. I will not hear of it!”

“But, father,” Draco whined, obviously not all that worried about lurkers.

“No, Draco. You will not raise this issue again, here, at home, or anywhere else for that matter. I cannot believe you would. . . .”

The voice faded out as Harry crept off back to the front of the building, waited for Voldemort, then brazenly stepped inside and headed toward the cage areas on the left side. And coincidentally enough, two white blond heads could be seen halfway down, nearly hidden behind one of the cages. Harry stalked ahead toward them, drifting to a stop a few feet away, then crossed his arms and began tapping one foot.

Both heads snapped around, and both men went alarmingly pale as they each dropped to one knee.

Harry arched a brow. “Draco Malfoy,” he said in that creepy dead tone he reserved for special occasions, “why are you here instead of in the training facility? Did one of my staff decide to call an extended break or grant you a reward for some inexplicable reason?”

“My lord, no, I was—I was sent to fetch several golems as some of us got really bashed up and the healers demanded they be allowed to rest for a bit.”

“Then why, Draco Malfoy, are you standing here chatting about things you have no business discussing? We will talk later. For now, get those golems and go!”

Draco launched to his feet and made a hasty retreat, scurrying toward the front in search of one of the constructs crew, so Harry turned to Lucius, who was wise enough not to say a damn word. “You belong to Lord Voldemort, Lucius Malfoy, so I am sure he will be pleased to deal with you personally.” Then he turned and headed back toward the front where Voldemort was waiting.

“I have already arranged for them,” Voldemort said.

“Thank you, cosire,” Harry replied and nodded, sensing Lucius coming up behind him. “Shall we go, then? I feel very inclined toward destruction at the moment.”

“Certainly.” Then Voldemort looked past him and said to Lucius, “You will come along.”