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Note: More silliness to go along with chapter 15.

“I’m so sorry to bother you,” said Arthur, stopping in front of a desk that was totally out of place, and scratching his head in confusion. “Er, but could you tell us the way out?”

The man behind the desk (he had such lovely long flame-red hair) looked up and beamed a smile at them. “You’ve come to the right place! The information desk is always happy to help. Now, just trot down that way, make a right, three lefts, head north, then southeast, another right. . . .”

Five minutes later a very confused set of Weasleys were off again, quickly disappearing around a corner.

Harry exchanged a mystified look with Voldemort, then shrugged. A second later he blinked rapidly as the man behind the desk looked up through the ceiling and winked.

Harry, so curious as to almost be out of his mind, entered the maze long enough to give the fellow an intense look. “I don’t suppose you have a name you’d care to share with me? Because I distinctly remember seeing you at the Ministry, and I definitely don’t remember hiring you on here for a quickie mind fuck.”

The man gave him a shy smile and twirled a lock of hair around his fingers. “I really shouldn’t, you know,” he said confidingly, “but between you and me, my name is Lucifer.” Then he laughed a silvery little laugh and vanished into thin air, leaving behind the scent of brimstone.

Harry choked slightly and noticed a small sign on the desk which read:

Future Home of the Randy Goat
     Aberforth Dumbledore, prop.

Seconds later, the desk and sign vanished as well.