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First Day

Note: This conversation would occur (had it happened) in chapter 9.

“So, how did things go today?”

Harry lifted his head and gave him a rather pathetic look. “I feel like a bit like crying, actually. The only thing that stopped me from killing the lot of them is that the ones who went through today are complete greenies.” He heaved a sigh, shook his head, then said, “You know, it’s funny. Granger once said that most wizards don’t have a scrap of logic. She was right. I included obstacles in that course that ought not to be such a challenge.

“How hard is it to recognize that there are no obvious doors, but there must be a way to go forward? Is it so difficult to check behind those peculiar crates? You know, the ones big enough to conceal a door and look suspiciously flimsy? Or to look up?

“And for that matter, half of them nearly failed when they encountered a boggart, though I accept that it can be very difficult to make a joke of some fears. The training staff was completely mortified and kept casting worried looks at me as if to ask when I’d start killing them all so they could dash off a will beforehand.”

Voldemort nodded slowly, then said, “We can hope that some of the more experienced people will fare much better.”

Harry rolled his eyes. “Yes. I know, I’m being harsh. I’m judging against myself here. I expect people to have a much better awareness of what’s around them, to see the possibilities in things. I expect them to recognize when someone is trying to creep up behind them to wring their little necks, and isn’t even being particularly quiet about it.”