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Note: This came to mind after reading Deal With the Devil one too many times.

“You haven’t gone into my mind recently, have you? Except to spy, I mean. Why?”

Voldemort shook his head. “No, I have not. I spent days making sure that your barrier was as strong as it could be, Harry, and have been using our link to maintain my own handiwork. But I will go in at any time you request it, or any time I feel it is necessary, such as when Moody upset you so.”

Harry gave him a slightly concerned look. “But, does that drain you at all?”

“The loss in energy to me is so slight as to be barely noticeable, my sweet. There is no cause for concern, I assure you.”

Harry frowned then, a bit of distress bleeding through. “Does that mean . . . I really would go mad without you?”

“I will not lie, Harry. The possibility does exist. But for so long as I am alive I will support you, and I’ll not allow you to lose your mind.”

Harry managed to produce something resembling a smile and said, “Then I guess I’ll make sure my care of you is as faithful as your care of me.”