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Dark Marks

Note: This occurs anytime after chapter 6, which is when Harry mentions them. This is part serious, part silly.

Voldemort stepped into the room, a nervous Death Eater trailing along behind him, then made sure the door was closed and secured before knocking the fellow out and floating him onto a table. It did not take long to strip off the appropriate items of clothing, and then he gestured Harry over to come have a look.

“You might notice immediately that he does not have what you might remember as being a Dark Mark. When I sat down to think about things a few years back, I decided that it was fairly foolish of me to have marked my people so blatantly, so I changed how I created it so that it would not be immediately or easily discovered.”

Harry nodded so Voldemort continued, “It still functions exactly the same, though. If you look here”—he indicated the fellow’s left bicep—“you’ll notice what looks like a birthmark. In actuality, what I’ve done is peeled back the skin to place the Dark Mark directly onto the muscle, but at a sort of slant, so a small part of it bleeds through the surface layer of skin.”

Harry gave him a look of admiration and nodded again.

“Obviously, most of the mark remains hidden, while that small portion is exposed enough for me to use as a focus. And you, naturally. Every Dark Mark will appear different, either by where the visible bit is on the arm, or which part of it is actually showing. They are all tied into the warding constructed around this compound, and that extends in a dome overhead, and even below the ground. I wasn’t too keen on the idea of busybodies trying to tunnel their way into my domain or drop in by muggle parachute.”

His mate chortled and said, “So it’s a key of sorts, rather than trying to use something like the fidelius charm?”

Voldemort nodded. “Yes, that is one function. You’ve been keyed in directly, my sweet. Now, as to what they actually do. I can summon one, several, or all Death Eaters by touching a Dark Mark and simply concentrating on my desire. I can force pain through one in much the same manner, or anger. Death Eaters who are summoned are able to use the Dark Mark as a reverse focus in the sense that they do not need to know where I am, or even have been there before, in order to apparate to my side.”

“Like the graveyard?” Harry asked softly.

“Yes, exactly. Now, if a Death Eater has enough raw power to back it up, they can attempt to contact me via their Dark Mark by touching it and concentrating. However, as they are not designed to function that way, only a handful can manage it, and they usually exhaust themselves in the attempt. It’s like trying to force water to flow up.

“Now, in order to make certain you won’t have problems with this, I would like you to attempt to channel pain through this man’s Mark, but to him only. I’ll get into the fiddly details after that, such as how to call a delayed assembly and other such things.”

Harry did not exactly looked pleased at the idea, but reached out to place the first two fingers of his right hand on the dark patch and furrowed his brow in concentration. “At least he’s unconscious,” his mate muttered, then frowned. Thirty seconds later his expression cleared as the fellow started twitching. And then Harry frowned again as the fellow moaned, as it wasn’t one that expressed pain. “Um, Tom?”

Voldemort was rather puzzled himself, letting his gaze slide off to the side as he considered what might have gone wrong, then blinked and nudged Harry with his elbow. “Perhaps, my sweet, you should refrain from using the Mark except to summon people.”

“Huh?” His mate followed the line of his gaze, then gasped softly. “Oh dear.”

“Yes,” Voldemort agreed, then reached over absently to pull Harry’s hand away from the man’s arm. The Death Eater was trying to arch his hips off the table, all unaware, and was presently sporting quite a tent in his trousers where his cock was straining to be free.

“Oh dear,” Harry repeated. “Please tell me he won’t remember this.”