Grazhir :: Harry Potter :: Snapshots: Control Issues :: Reward


Note: This scene occurs during chapter 13. It is a separate piece because I don’t want to constantly push Moony into the limelight and I already have a section with him in it in the chapter.

Voldemort took his usual sort of seat and poured his usual glass of wine as Harry spelled a rather bulky object over toward Moony’s cell. His mate had not placed the harness back on his pet after the Umbridge incident, though the gloves and collar remained. Instead, he had placed a serpent portrait on the ceiling to spy and report any instances of misbehavior on Lupin’s part.

Moony was curled up on his bed as Harry came to a stop at the door, and quickly got to all fours. “Hello, pet. I’ve brought you that reward I mentioned. Now, you be a good boy and stay right there while I bring this in for you.”

Moony sat back and waited patiently as Harry stripped away the packaging, then opened the door and spelled the item in. It was state of the art when it came to black market magical dolls, his mate having spared no expense to get a fully functional golem specifically designed, constructed, and programmed for sexual activities. Granted, he could have imported a real person from a third-world country and called it good, but. . . . Rumor had it that many a bored housewife with too much money purchased them to wile away the days.

The cell door was closed and re-locked, at which point Harry waved his wand a few times to activate and position the golem. “Moony, pet, you can play with this all week, just as much as you’d like, for being so well behaved and helpful. It will work in just about any fashion you might desire, so you can fuck it, suck on it’s cock, or have it do the same to you. It will even seem to orgasm like a person after a certain amount of penile stimulation, so it does have to be maintained occasionally, but don’t you worry about that part. Now, as I said before, I want to make sure you enjoy this, so we’ll be watching at least this time. You have my permission to play now, Moony.”

With that Harry stepped back and slipped onto Voldemort’s lap, this time sitting so that they could both watch unimpeded. Moony looked a bit uncertain at first, clearly torn between his obvious desire to mount the golem and his hesitancy at having to do so with witnesses, but eventually the built-up sexual desire and tension got to him.

He crawled forward until he was behind the golem, which was also on all fours, then rose up and positioned the head of his cock at its anus, then thrust sharply as he leaned forward to cover the golem’s body with his own and bite into the flesh of its shoulder. It was conveniently smaller than him, so he could dominate it quite handily in that sense.

Voldemort found the biting to be an interesting choice, but supposed it made sense for a man who wasn’t entirely human. Many creatures bit their partners in a gesture of domination as they mated, after all. He realized after a few minutes of watching Moony fuck his new toy that Harry was moaning very softly, barely heard over the animalistic grunts and growls emitting from the werewolf, and that he had been idly running his hand over his mate’s leather-covered cock without thinking.

Harry wasn’t even watching his pet; his head was rolled back on Voldemort’s shoulder, and by the time another minute had passed had raised his arms up to link his hands back around Voldemort’s neck. The glass of wine was set aside so that hand could nimbly open Harry’s vest, and then he used both to free his mate’s cock from its confines.

His eyes, however, remained on Moony as he let one hand roam Harry’s chest and tweak and pull at his nipples, while the other stroked his mate’s cock firmly to the same rhythm the werewolf was using. Harry was shortly writhing uncontrollably on his lap and jerking his hips, having hooked his feet around the chair legs for leverage, and he came almost quietly, causing Voldemort to think his mate was probably making a bloody mess of his lower lip again.

Once Harry had settled Voldemort quietly cleaned up and gently fixed his mate’s clothing. Through it all, Moony never once appeared to notice what had been going on. And indeed, he came very quickly himself after that, nearly knocking the golem flat with the violence of his thrusting, and finally collapsed over its back.

By then Harry was quite himself. A few minutes later, once Moony’s breathing had returned to normal, Harry said, “I think I can safely say you enjoyed yourself, pet. Now, remember, Moony, you will clean up after yourself if necessary. And, as an exception to the usual rules, I will leave you with a short list of commands to read over so you can make it do what you wish.”

“Thank you, master,” Moony whispered without ever looking up.

Harry got to his feet, dropped a piece of parchment through the bars, then followed Voldemort up the staircase.