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Service Ends

Note: This is not meant to be a true rendition of a certain someone’s eventual fate. It’s just a nasty little idea that popped into my head.

Four years later, in the city of Serpens, sovereign state of Ophiuchus

Harry strolled over to the kennels and slipped through the gate, nodding at the handler-cum-guard before advancing into the grassy, sunny area. He slapped his thigh and called out, “Moony.”

A few moments later his pet scrambled up and came to a rest on his haunches. Lupin looked very happy to see him, and even eager, his eyes and expression devoid of anything resembling discontent or discomfort.

Harry smiled and reached out to ruffle his pet’s shaggy hair, then pushed him away gently when Lupin began to stroke his cheek against Harry’s thigh. “Your term of service is up, Moony, so I’ve come to give you another choice. If you want me to set you free, I will.”

Lupin looked greatly alarmed by that, cowering back suddenly and lowering his head to expose his neck.

“Is that a no, Moony?” Harry asked. “Do you wish to remain my pet, is that it?”

Lupin looked back up and nodded, not quite meeting Harry’s eyes.

“Say it, Moony,” Harry said gently. “I want to hear you say it.”

“Please keep me,” Lupin whispered.

Harry smiled at him fondly and nodded. “If that’s what you want, Moony, but please do note that I won’t ever set you free if you choose now to stay. You’ll live out the rest of your life as my pet, so I’ll ask again. Do you wish to stay?”

“Please, yes,” Lupin whispered.

“All right, I’ll keep you,” he said, then nearly groaned when Lupin surged forward and started lapping at the front of his trousers, trying to show his appreciation by pleasing him directly. “Moony!” he barked, and watched as his pet cowered back and exposed his neck again.

“I realize that you’re excited and happy, Moony, but you know very well that I’ve forbidden you to do that to me. I don’t like it when you disobey me.”

Lupin dropped to the ground and rolled over in submission.

“I’m sorry, Moony, but you’ve broken a rule. I am going to punish you.” Harry spelled a rolled up newspaper into his hand and whacked it across Lupin’s face several times, then made it disappear. Another few moments produced a set of weighted clamps, which Harry fastened to Lupin’s nipples. “Up, Moony. I want ten laps around your yard.”

He waited patiently until his pet returned to him and dropped back on his haunches. Lupin looked quite sad that he had earned himself a punishment of any kind. “Well, aside from that little lapse, you have been exceptionally well behaved, I must say, and quite friendly with the boys. Do you enjoy making them happy, Moony?”

Lupin nodded, his expression back to one of nearly vapid cheerfulness.

“And have any of them come to visit you yet today?”

Lupin shook his head and frowned slightly.

“I’m feeling rather generous today, so I’m going to make you a deal. If you make me happy by taking on twenty men, ten each for your mouth and ass, Moony, I’ll allow you to have an orgasm. How does that sound?”

Lupin lifted his ass up and nearly pranced in place, wincing a bit as the weighted clamps tugged at his nipples with the movement. The look he gave Harry bespoke a vast willingness to please, so Harry nodded and snapped his fingers at the handler.

The man trotted over quickly and bowed. “My lord?”

“Run over to—” Harry paused a moment, trying to recall who should be where and doing what at that hour, then continued, “Gamma Squad. See if they’re up for a bit of fun. Bring them back immediately if they are. Otherwise just come back and I’ll work it out differently.”

“At once, my lord.” The man was back soon enough, trailed by twenty young men who looked quite pleased at the prospect of having permission to screw around on company time.

Harry nodded at the handler, who immediately slipped a leash off his belt and snapped it onto Lupin’s collar, then led him off for a pre-party cleansing. Harry planted a hand on one hip and looked back at the squad. “All right, boys, time to choose up. Ten to be fucking him, ten to be sucked off, and which order you’ll be going in. Draw lots if you must. And if any of you are game for round two, yes, you may beat off over him.”

Shortly thereafter the handler came back into view leading Lupin, then snapped the lead off and hooked it back onto his belt. He stepped back out of the way, into his little hut, and resumed his usual seat.

Harry looked at Lupin, noting the barely restrained excitement, and nodded. “All right, boys. Before we start, is anyone among you willing to give Moony his reward once you’re all done, or do I need to track someone down?”

There was a bit of shuffling amongst the men, then one took a step forward and said, “I will, my lord.”

“Splendid! In that case, have at it, boys.”

Much later on Harry exited the enclosure, leaving behind a semen covered Lupin, who was curled up asleep in a patch of grass.