Grazhir :: Harry Potter :: Control Issues :: 08 :: Nymphadora Tonks

08 • Nymphadora Tonks

When Tonks finally awoke she was in a rather clinical looking room. In fact, it very closely resembled a muggle operating theatre, complete with an observation room situated high up on one wall. And indeed, there did appear to be a number of people present there, sitting in comfortable seats, and looking on with avid interest.

Tonks very quickly realized that she was strapped down naked and spread-eagled to a table and nearly blinded by an overhead light. Close by were a small wheeled table with a variety of implements spread out on its surface and several pieces of complicated looking machinery. Once the potential horror of her situation sank in, she began to struggle, then concentrate fiercely.

Harry padded forward softly at that point, in his guise as Justus Bane, and said rather tonelessly, “I’m afraid that will not help you, Miss Nymphadora Tonks. You see, I anticipated your reaction and made sure the restraints would adjust automatically in the event that you attempted to morph a limb in order to slip it free.”

“What the hell is going on?” she demanded to know.

Harry declined to respond immediately, instead moving closer and reaching up and off to the side to flip a nearby toggle, causing a small red light to blink on. “Department of Mysteries, Unspeakable Division, case number NT-562b, Nymphadora Tonks, metamorphmagus,” he said clearly. “We will now begin phase two of our experiments into the nature of Miss Tonks’s rare ability. The subject is—”

“Experiments!? Subject!?”

Harry heaved a patient sigh and said, again in that rather toneless voice, “Miss Tonks, I would appreciate if you would cooperate with me by not having these outbursts. It creates more work for the transcriptionist who has to edit out the extraneous material for the reports.”

“You can’t bloody well experiment on me. This is insane! I’m a human being with rights, damn it, so let me go!”

“As I recall, Miss Tonks, you referred to this as an amazing opportunity, so I fail to understand your present attitude. Nevertheless, we will conduct our experiments with or without your willing cooperation. The minister was quite happy to accede to our request for your transfer, after all. He would probably become upset to learn that you were being so recalcitrant.”

“He can’t possibly have agreed to this! He’s the minister for Merlin’s sake, not the Dark Lord,” she argued.

Harry aimed a smile at her, just a faint one, then said, “Indeed he is not. Now, I must continue, Miss Tonks, so please remain quiet unless I ask you a direct question.”

“Not bloody likely!” she shot back.

Harry heaved another patient sigh and snapped his fingers twice. At that signal, Voldemort came into view, appearing for all the world to be a simple assistant. He unhooked a round-nosed, cylindrical object from one of the machines and checked the cabling, applied a slight coating of some sort of jelly, then inserted it into her ass; that produced a fresh round of objections. Voldemort reached over and pressed a button, then watched impassively as Tonks convulsed for approximately five seconds, her eyes rolling back into her head. She also lost control of her bladder, the results of which Voldemort promptly vanished.

Harry sighed slightly, shook his head, then said in a bored tone, “Inability on the part of the subject to obey instructions has necessitated the use of electroshock. Stimulus will be applied each time she speaks out of turn, the voltage not being high enough, by policy, to cause permanent damage unless we are forced to overuse this method of discipline.

“The subject has already provided samples for the muggle gene sequencing procedure, so we will now move on to the more invasive tests to determine just how flexible the metamorphmagus ability is. We will begin with breaking the skin of the subject to see if she is able, on request, to use her ability to morph the damage away.”

Harry held out his hand, accepting a set of surgeon’s gloves a moment later from Voldemort, pulled them on, then held out his hand a second time to receive a scalpel. He made a precise, shallow cut across her stomach, then looked at her and said, “You will now attempt to morph the injury away, Miss Tonks.”

“Are you out of your fucking mind!?”

Voldemort pressed the button again.

When she stopped convulsing Harry said, “Miss Tonks, please try to do as I ask and morph the injury away.” Perhaps the shocks had scrambled her brains a bit for her response was to glare at him quite fiercely. Harry nodded at Voldemort, who immediately pressed the button again, this time holding it down for an extra second.

“Let the record show that the subject remains uncooperative. Assuming she lives through this experience, a memo should be sent to Accounting so her pay can be docked for the appropriate amount.”

“What!?” Tonks began struggling again, trying desperately to free herself, then suddenly went still and closed her eyes. A few moments later her eyes blinked open and a defeated look transformed her face.

“Let the record reflect that the subject has attempted to apparate and has failed,” Harry said. “Miss Tonks, you really should stop being so belligerent. I simply don’t get paid enough to have to deal with this sort of thing, and I think you’re beginning to upset my assistant with your unprofessional behavior and coarse language. Now, shall we continue?”

Harry had to give her credit; she was an extremely feisty sort of girl, and not easily persuaded to simply give up. The next thing out of her mouth was, “Help! One of you lot up there! Get your asses down here and help me right now! I will not be the basis of some misbegotten experiment! I have rights!”

Harry chuckled softly and shook his head, causing Tonks to look at him in wordless surprise. “You have rights, Tonks? What makes you so different from anyone else, hm? If one person can be summarily used as an experiment, what makes you think you should be immune to the same treatment?”

He waved his hand in a grandiose manner; at that same moment Voldemort unobtrusively collapsed the illusion masking the true reality of the room. Harry appeared suddenly as Harry Potter, and Voldemort disappeared entirely, though the equipment remained.

“Harry!? What on earth is going on here? What the hell do you think you’re doing? Let me up from here! I don’t know who you think you are all of a sudden, but you’re sadly mistaken if you think for one moment I’m going to—” Tonks cut off abruptly, a look of horror bleeding across her face to replace the anger and determination.

Harry smirked. “Nice to see you aren’t completely brainless, Nymphy. Let’s talk, shall we?” He tapped the scalpel against the palm of his hand, not even bothering to make sure the blade was facing the right way.

“Er, about what?” she asked hesitantly.

“Why, about your decision to enthusiastically endorse the idea of me being an experiment, my dear Nymphy. I was really quite surprised to learn that you also blame me for the death of Sirius. I understand he was your cousin and all, but I’m not quite sure how that would translate into you being his sole heir, or even garnering a large portion of the Black family holdings. I guess you were pretty pissed off when you found out I got everything and you got dick.”

“You’re not even family!”

Harry nodded. “True, I’m not blood family. That’s also irrelevant in the eyes of the law. Suffice to say, given your choices, I think Sirius was quite right in his decision on who to leave his estate to. If he had known what a jealous, vindictive bitch you are, he might have killed you himself. And as it stands, your branch of the family was disinherited, darling, so that’s another strike against you.”

“Which made my claim just as valid as yours,” she snarled.

Harry shrugged carelessly. “Again, beside the point. The only thing that mattered was his will, and that was properly executed. So, let’s move on, shall we? I find it very odd that you, a person who seems to despise me greatly, would agree to bear my children. But, I suppose, given that it meant Dumbledore was willing to hand over most of the Black money to you in exchange, I guess I can see why you would.

“It’s very interesting that you all were hoping to produce offspring that had all of my power and ability, plus your own metamorphmagus ability, and, of course, would be children that they could raise from the get-go, to their standards and ideals. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had decided to pawn them off on nannies and tutors so you wouldn’t have to deal with them, and instead spend your time luxuriating in a sybaritic lifestyle funded by my inheritance.”

“And why shouldn’t I? The money should have been mine anyway, so what’s a few mewling sprogs I can ignore if it means I got what I deserved to have?”

Harry threw his head back and laughed, his hair gradually lengthening to its now usual waterfall of black. “Trust me, darling, you’ll get exactly what you deserve. I’ll make sure of it.” He reached forward and prodded the wound on her stomach with one finger, making her wince in renewed pain. “Hm,” he said thoughtfully. “That gives me a brilliant idea.”

“Harry, you untie me right now or I swear—”

He waited a few moments to see if she would continue, then snorted. “You’ll what? Yell some more? Plead? Beg? Scream? Cry? My dear Nymphy, surely you understand by now that I’m the one in charge here. You are the experiment this time, darling, not me. I don’t have to be a good little boy and let people beat me and rape me and order me around. So, when you start screaming about your bloody rights, I’m going to call you a hypocrite, and rightly so. I’m also going to make sure, darling, that you in some way attempt to pay me back for all the suffering you helped to heap upon me.”

“I didn’t do any of that,” she protested. “I never laid a hand on you.”

Harry tilted his head to one side. “And you never lifted a hand to help, either. Instead, you gathered up all your anger, your sense of wounded justice, and decided—rather like Ron, I must say—that I didn’t deserve much of anything. You decided that as I wasn’t even fully human that it was all right for people to treat me like a thing, or a dog, or a house-elf.

“You agreed to the plan so you could get what you wanted. Not what you deserved, mind, but what you wanted. I’d say given the general reputation of the Black family that you fit in quite nicely. I have to wonder why you didn’t decide to become a Death Eater while you were at it.”

“A Death Eater? Are you insane?”

“Actually, I’m not entirely certain,” he said in a wondering sort of tone. “I suppose it’s possible that my mental faculties might have been a teensy bit affected by my training, but really, I simply haven’t had the time to make an appointment with a psychiatrist.” He paused to aim a bright smile at her, then said, “Perhaps next week. For now, you’ll have to deal with me as I am.”

She switched tactics. “Harry, please, you’re not this kind of person, really. Please let me go.”

“Not what kind of person?” he responded in mild confusion. “You’re very well aware of what I was trained to be, darling. I’m a merciless, cold-blooded killer and assassin.”

“Please,” she persisted, “let me go. I swear, I won’t tell a soul. I’ll leave the country! You’ll never hear from me again, Harry, and neither will the others. They don’t have to know about this!”

Harry blinked at her in exaggerated surprise. “You know, it’s funny. You see, I seem to recall begging to be let go back then. Do you know what happened? Snape would get out his trusty whip and have at it. I learned very quickly to keep my mouth shut unless I was required to speak, and certainly to not protest any treatment I was given. No, darling, I’m afraid you’re not going anywhere. I have absolutely no sympathy for you. This is a situation of your own making, and that means you’re going to pay the price.”

“Bastard,” she muttered. “How the hell did you escape?”

Harry beamed at the question. “Finally! Someone actually bothered to ask! I’m in such a good mood now that I’ll try to explain. Apparently, unbeknownst to anyone involved, you were all rather careless and overconfident, and completely overlooked the fact that I do, in fact, have a brain. When the opportunity arose, I used my considerable talent and power to skip right out of a mission without any interference. Imagine that! And then I made such a good friend, and he’s been ever so helpful and thoughtful and kind.”

Tonks finally appeared to get a clue and shot him a rather fearful look.

“That’s right, darling. And it is my great pleasure to let you know that I won’t be alone today in making you scream in agony. I’ll have help! Tom, are you ready?”

“Certainly, Harry,” Voldemort said as he stepped back into view, this time looking like himself. “What did you have in mind for this one?”

“Well, Tom,” Harry said matter-of-factly, “I thought it would be a brilliant idea to start out by making very sure that Nymphy here can’t ever have children.”

She screamed. Very loudly. Harry winced slightly at the volume, then shrugged. “I haven’t even really hurt her yet. Honestly, just like a woman, thinking that screaming loudly enough will make people feel sorry for her and let her have her way. Anyway, really, the idea of this woman ever being capable of bearing my children just makes me want to castrate myself. And since there’s no chance of that ever happening, I guess we’ll just have to do a bit of surgery on her, right?”

“Of course,” Voldemort said agreeably, then bestowed a kindly smile on Tonks.

Tonks did something rather unexpected at that point; she squeezed her eyes shut and began muttering under her breath. Harry idly wondered if she was praying. On that note he sliced the scalpel deeply across her abdomen, then went back over the incision several times until he had room to maneuver properly. He handed the scalpel over to Voldemort, then yanked the wound apart violently, finally provoking a heart-rending scream of agony out of his victim.

“Hm,” he said, “now where did Mother Nature put them?” He stuck a hand in and rummaged around for a bit. “Ooo, there we are, you naughty thing,” he said cheerfully, then hauled out an ovary. “That’s one.” He dropped the bloody organ onto a nearby tray and went back for the other one, finding it a few moments later.

Then he looked at Tonks and frowned. “Tom, she’s done gone and passed out. That’s not fair.”

Voldemort chuckled and produced his wand. “I will ennervate her and use a spell to make sure she cannot lose consciousness, all right?”

“That would be very helpful, thank you.” A few seconds later he said, “I suppose I ought to take care of the uterus, too, huh? Can’t be too careful these days.”

Tonks began crying weakly and tried to curl in on herself; Harry ignored it. A minute later, with the able help of the scalpel, he had removed another organ and set it aside. Then he said conversationally, “You know, I just had a thought. I’ve always wanted a dog, Tom. Is that all right with you? A dog? I’ll train him very well, I promise.”

“I do not object, Harry, so long as it’s kept in a kennel outside.”

“Really? Then I’ve got the best idea. I think with lots of beatings and massive brainwashing, I could convince Remus Lupin to think he’s my new pet, don’t you? Wouldn’t that be a really fun experiment? I could get him a nice collar, and a set of bowls for his kibble and water, and a leash, and take him on walks at night.”

Tonks moaned, a sound of abject despair, and began crying even harder.

Harry smirked nastily, well aware of her unrequited love for the man. “I think he’d make a splendid pet. After all, it’s not like he’s a full human, so I can’t see why anyone would object to me making myself his master. It’s not like anyone would care. And being a werewolf, I’m sure he could withstand quite a bit in the way of being disciplined for training purposes or misbehavior. Hm, I wonder if there’s a way to force one into wolf form permanently. It’s not like a pet needs a real mind, right?”

Tonks screamed out her denial of those words, then slumped from the effort and immediately tried to curl up again, fighting weakly against her restraints.

“Yes, I think I will. Much better than just killing him. He can become my mindless little doggy drone for the rest of his sorry life. At least then he’d be sort of useful.” He glanced over at Tom and said, “Would you be a sweetheart and kill Nymphy? I’m afraid my hands are all bloody and my wand might slip, and she’s become really quite boring now.”

“Of course, Harry. It would be my pleasure.” And Voldemort did just that.

They were comfortably ensconced in the sitting room a short time later, with Harry straddling Voldemort’s lap and snuggled up against him, when Harry suddenly began chuckling for no apparent reason.

“What amuses you?” Voldemort murmured.

“Think about it,” Harry said, his voice slightly muffled. “We don’t necessarily have to devise a way to deliver her body back to anyone. Dumbledore can question the Unspeakables all he wants and it’d be about as effective as beating his head against a brick wall. They’re so tight-lipped about everything and anything that even if they did have a clue what happened, they’d deny knowledge as a matter of policy.”

Voldemort laughed appreciatively and tightened his hold on his mate. “I have a question for you, but I’m not sure how you’re going to react, Harry.”

“Just ask,” Harry said softly.

“I’m not even sure how to ask it,” Voldemort admitted, “so I suppose I shall just be blunt and hope you can forgive me for that. I have, at times, wanted to take you from behind, Harry, but I’ve been concerned that. . . .”

Harry shifted and sat back, a solemn look on his face. “You’re worried that I’ll freak out because that’s how Snape always fed me.”

Voldemort tilted his head briefly to the side and shrugged a bit. “Yes. And I don’t wish to do anything to tarnish our. . . .”

Harry cleared his throat and said rather firmly, “I think I’d prefer you refer to it as lovemaking, Tom. Not relations, not sex life, or anything else that even smacks of being clinical or unfeeling. Maybe I don’t really understand what love is, but I do know that I feel something for you beyond mere gratitude or even friendship. I sure as hell don’t consider us as friends with benefits. And maybe I am a fool, or deluding myself, but that’s how I feel.”

Voldemort felt his heartbeat falter for a moment, and opened his mouth to respond, then realized he had no idea what to say.

“It’s all right,” Harry said, still quite solemn. “I understand why you’re worried, and I don’t really know how I’d react. I do know that I believe you won’t purposely hurt me, and that you’ll take care of me, so if you really want to try I will. I trust you to stop if I can’t seem to handle it.

“I know . . . it’s hard sometimes, to separate out the whole thing with feeding, and I don’t really understand just how much my nature has affected me, my brain, my emotions, and all of that, or even how the bond does for both of us. But I really want to believe that you feel something too, so I’ll try if it would make you happy.”

Voldemort finally managed to find his misplaced tongue and said, “I’m not sure I understand what love is, either, Harry, but I do know that what I feel for you is nothing less than complex. I truly cannot imagine my life without you in it and I think I would be devastated if something happened to you. My chest hurts just thinking about it.”

Harry suddenly grinned and said, “So we can call it lovemaking?”

Voldemort snorted softly and nodded. “Yes, my sweet.”

Harry wriggled on his lap and then smiled impishly. “Does that make you my boyfriend?” he asked coyly.

Voldemort groaned and tilted his head back against the chair. “I’m not sure dark lords have those, Harry.”

“Aw, c’mon,” Harry said pleadingly. “Don’t spoil my fun.”

Voldemort tilted his head forward with a slight grimace, then smiled helplessly at the adorable pout his mate was sporting. “Yes, Harry. Just like any other, normal people. That makes us boyfriends.”

“Yes!” Harry crowed, then leaned in to kiss him passionately.

Voldemort quickly decided to take advantage of the situation and slid his hands up Harry’s back to gently stroke his fingers over his mate’s cool, hard scales, then delight in the feeling of Harry melting against him and making those erotic little noises deep in his throat. And he continued to enjoy that warm body wriggling and squirming against him for several minutes, taking his time and plundering the depths of his mate’s eager mouth, then pushed forward and got Harry to wrap his legs around his waist so he could stand.

He carried his mate to the bedroom and laid him gently on the bed, his ass at the edge, and whispered a moment later, “Harry, I’d like to try something new. Will you trust me?”

“Yes,” Harry hissed, shooting him a lustful look before closing his eyes and rolling his head off to the side.

Voldemort smiled slightly and moved down so he could kneel on the floor aside the bed, fit between Harry’s legs where they dangled over the edge. He began with the known, engulfing his mate’s cock and lavishing it with attention for several minutes before dipping his head lower to suckle Harry’s balls, rolling them around in his mouth gently.

Then he dipped even lower, placing his hands on the backs of Harry’s thighs and pushing his legs up and out, then delicately tongued his mate’s anus. Harry let out a guttural moan and arched, reaching down between to hook his arms under his knees and draw his legs back. Voldemort took that as a very good sign and darted his tongue forward, pushing past the tight ring of muscle, then slowly thrust in and out, his hands sliding up and down the backs and sides of Harry’s thighs.

Harry’s moans of pleasure were becoming quite loud and increasingly erratic, so Voldemort gently pulled away and sat back on his haunches, then reached up to untangle his mate’s limbs, and shortly had Harry on his feet and bent over the bed, ready to receive him. Voldemort placed the head of his cock against his mate’s anus and began to press forward, sliding his hands to Harry’s hips, then bent over once he was fully seated and started to thrust, using his tongue to lick those diamond-like scales.

His mate practically screamed at that point in pleasure and pushed back a hand, under his own body, and began to frantically pull at his cock and stroke it, incoherent words slipping from his lips in Parseltongue, which nearly drove Voldemort over the edge right then. A few moments later Harry began to orgasm, his hips jerking uncontrollably, and that with the sounds his mate continued to make set Voldemort off as well.

He noticed, the next morning, that Harry couldn’t quite seem to wipe the rather foolish grin off his face.



“My lord, I have compiled a list of all visits and all decrees for you as requested. I have also obtained copies of any decrees that pertain to Harry Potter in any way,” Lucius said as he placed a folder on the desk. “I noticed one in particular that involves both, and placed that first right after the two lists.”

Voldemort arched a brow and pulled the folder to him, flipping it around and opening it. He temporarily bypassed the lists and went straight to the decree to see what it contained. And then he laughed. Voldemort threw back his head and laughed, overcome with mirth at what he had just read.

Harry slinked in a moment later, not paying any attention to Lucius, and perched on the edge of the desk. “What amuses you?”

Voldemort passed over the decree, still chuckling.

Approximately one minute later Harry looked up, blank of expression. Then he blinked and said, “Interesting. Very amusing as a sort of twisted, ironic mimicry, I quite agree. Well, that’s another black mark on a certain someone’s permanent record, and someone else just made the list.” He set the paper down, slid off the desk, and slinked back into his own office.

Lucius watched Harry leave, then turned a faintly confused expression toward his master.

“Inside joke,” Voldemort blithely explained.

“Er, yes, my lord.”

“Excellent work, Lucius. You may go.” Voldemort tucked the paper back in the folder and closed it, then locked it in one of his drawers. As soon as Lucius had closed the outer door behind him, Harry reappeared with a scowl on his face and slumped against the wall.

“Fucking bastard.”

“Yes, but it’s still amusing.”

Harry turned his scowl directly on Voldemort, then stuck out his tongue childishly. “Whatever,” he said crossly. “Does this mean I get Percy as well? Guilt by association? Accessory after the fact?”

Voldemort raised his brows briefly.

“Well, perhaps if Percy wasn’t so damn gung ho on being Fudge’s whore, Fudge might have been paying proper attention when that decree was shoved under his nose by Dumblefuck, and he might not have signed it.” Harry rolled his eyes and blew a lock of hair away from his face with an irritated puff.

“I suggest,” he said slowly, “that you ditch whatever you were working on and go get some exercise. Work off your present aggression before you try to make any kind of a decision like that. And, if you decide to exhaust yourself, I’ll knock off work early and we’ll go back to the house so you can feed.”

He breathed a silent sigh of relief when Harry gave him a jerky sort of nod and disappeared back into his own office. He was almost sorry he had laughed and caught his mate’s attention; it was a shame to have ruined the high Harry had still been on from the night before.

And yet, he truly found it hilarious that they had pulled the exact same maneuver to steal Tonks out from Dumbledore’s nose as that man had used to bring Harry under his control.

Voldemort looked up when Harry wandered back in and said, “I’m going to use the field back behind this place to de-stress, in case you wanted to watch. It’ll be a few minutes, though, while I round up enough golems to make it worthwhile.” Then he sauntered out.

Voldemort thought about that for several minutes, then rose and exited his office, strolling outside and around the building. It being a field it was fairly large and open, though there were clusters of trees here and there, plus holes in the ground and rocks hidden in the grass for the unwary to trip in and over. And it was not unheard of for the occasional cow to wander through from one of the outlying farmsteads and spend some time grazing.

He found a cozy enough spot in the shade and settled in, noticing as the minutes ticked by that a number of Death Eaters were trickling into the area and finding spots on the outskirts to stand. Apparently word had gotten around quickly and people were curious.

Harry arrived a short time later trailed by at least one hundred golems, which he directed to spread out. They, being unable to cast magic, had been armed with a variety of muggle weapons. His mate slinked over to him and said quietly, “We might want to consider giving the constructs crew a pay rise. They must be working overtime lately what with the number of golems I’ve been forcing them to have to put back together.” As Voldemort chuckled Harry produced a scythe, moved to the center of the field, crouched, then yelled, “Begin!”

What followed was an amazing display of talent and ability. Harry not only used a wand in his left hand, his scythe in the other, but occasionally stuck the wand in his teeth in order to snatch a throwing knife from his clothing and hurl that to nail a golem in the eye or throat. He used the trees as cover, or to climb up for overhead shots, and even slunk along through the grass on his stomach in order to sneak up on targets.

Sticking charms were applied to rocks, causing golems unfortunate enough to step on one to do a face-plant into the ground, and patches of longer grass were enchanted to attempt to rend the flesh from anything that touched it with sharpened edges, or wrap around the ankles of the unwary. In short, Harry went all out, and it only took about fifteen minutes for him to claim victory.

Voldemort was smiling as Harry shook back his hair and approached him, absently making the scythe disappear and tucking his wand away. “Excellent display, cosire,” he said.

Harry flashed him a grin. “That was nice, though I wonder if there’s a way to make the golems seem a bit more intelligent. In order to get any real challenge I have to use so many of them.” Then he turned and whistled sharply.

A moment later one of the men rushed up and bowed. “My lord, how may I be of service?”

“Corbell, see to cleaning this up. Have two crews, one to gather up the golems and return them to the constructs people, and another to hunt down all the weapons they dropped to take to the armory.”

“At once, my lord.” Corbell bowed again and hastened off, signaling with one hand and yelling out instructions.

Harry turned back to Voldemort and gave him a weary smile. “I’m really, really hungry now, cosire.”

Voldemort nodded and replied, “Then let us go dine. I’m sure the world will keep on spinning if we’re not at the helm for the rest of the day.”

As they were walking away Voldemort happened to notice Lucius Malfoy along the periphery. The man was just standing there, staring out over the field which was now swarming with people picking up bits and pieces of things, with a rather blank expression on his face. Voldemort nudged Harry and pointed discreetly, then said in nearly a whisper, “I think you’ve gained a new fan, not to mention a humbled one.”

Harry looked at him and arched a brow, so Voldemort continued, “Lucius has always prided himself on his skill.”

“Really now,” Harry said. “We’ll just see once I have the chance to test him. Speaking of which, I commandeered the indoor training facility and set up a sort of obstacle course. It won’t be something they’ve seen before, I think, so it ought to be interesting, not to mention illuminating when I start sending people through to gauge their skill levels.”

“Is the observation room still useable?”

Harry nodded. “Of course, though there’s two of them now. I added one overhead, actually, so people can look straight down and see the whole course through a one-way glass-like floor. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who suffers from a fear of heights, though, or vertigo.”

Voldemort chuckled.