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Notes: Marches in with chapter 12, the missing scene, what I refuse to put in the main story. And thanks to Animehime for being brave and having a sneak peak, and making suggestions on how to add to the “ambiance”.

Lucius handed over a pensieve without another word, then turned away to go sit with Saiph and the twins. Draco sidled up and whispered, “Is that what I think it is?”

Sirius aimed a stern look at the boy. “I don’t think you really want to see what’s in here.”

Draco frowned and made an abortive movement to stamp his foot. “Father said I could. He said I could see proof of my freedom.”

“You do realize,” Remus said quietly, “that you would not only see that, but also your father being . . . vicious and cruel?”

“I can handle it,” Draco insisted.

Sirius shook his head slowly and sighed. “All right. But know that neither of us is going to think less of you if you exit the memory early, okay? I think this is a bad idea, but maybe it’ll drive home some of the more esoteric points.” He shook his head again when Draco’s expression turned to that of confusion, then set the pensieve down on the coffee table. “Let’s go, folks.”

“My lord?” Lucius was saying.

“While I believe that Severus could be made to suffer so much more and not yet have paid penance, it is time for his demise, and at your hand. Over there is a cabinet with a selection of things you might wish to use. Investigate, gather up anything you find useful, and we will see to this now.”

“Yes, my lord.” Lucius rose and spent some time sorting through the contents of the indicated cabinet, tucking a number of things into a pocket, then returned to wait.

“Let us go.” Voldemort stood and swept off, Lucius close behind him.

Eventually they all arrived in a dank chamber. Severus Snape was sprawled on the floor, naked and covered in filth, some of which might have been his own. It was difficult to tell what was dirt and what was bruising, actually, and some of the discolouration looked to be whip marks or something similar. His legs were missing from the knee down, and the man’s hair had been hacked off crudely, as well, leaving it patchy.

Sirius rolled his eyes slightly as Draco cringed and stepped a bit closer to him, but said nothing. He could only imagine that his insane cousin Bellatrix was so used to using torture spells that she hadn’t actually exercised any real creativity when it came to tormenting the man who had inadvertently destroyed her beauty. It was probably someone like McNair who had done the obvious.

Sirius was reminded unwillingly of his years in Azkaban, when layer upon layer of filth had covered his body, there being no real way to prevent it. For a time, when he had first been brought there, the fetid atmosphere was enough to make even the strongest of people wish to vomit. Of course, that would only have exacerbated the problem. Just looking at Snape’s condition filled his nose and soured his tongue.

“I trust you will find some measure of satisfaction,” Voldemort said. “When you are done, dispose of the body however it suits you, so long as it will not come back to haunt us. He has already been commanded to obey you.”

Lucius nodded and said, “Yes, my lord. Thank you,” as Voldemort swept back out. He then produced his wand and conjured up a small table, then emptied his pocket onto it, glancing over his shoulder as Severus began to stir. A few minutes later he was smirking in anticipation as dark eyes lifted to meet his.

“Severus, how delightful to see you again,” he purred. “You’re looking well, though I allow I am a touch surprised that you still have most all your limbs. That’s fine, as what I had in mind for you would be difficult if you did not have the use of your hands.

“I am very angry at you, Severus, for what you did to my boy. While I don’t care that you were fucking that bitch I called a wife, laying a hand on my son is not to be tolerated. So, let’s get started, shall we? I have more important things to do than stand here breathing in your foul stench.”

Lucius reached back and secured a vial to hand. “Severus, you will not make any sounds. As you deemed it proper to deny my son even that faint comfort, so shall it be denied to you. Now, drink this,” he ordered, then tossed it over. A minute later (Snape seemed to have a slight problem with coordination) he said, “Throw it off to the side. Good.”

The blond conjured up a chair and had a seat, seemingly content to wait.

Draco chose that moment to whisper, “I know what that was. He used it on me more than once. It makes the drinker desperate for sexual release, but they can’t have it. It’ll be a short while before father does anything else, I think.”

Eventually Lucius pivoted and picked up a heavy glove, then flung it at Severus, saying, “Put that on your right hand, Severus.” He then pulled on a pair of gloves himself and picked up a flask filled with an acid green liquid, then stood. “Now comes the fun part.”

Lucius approached Severus and said, “Hold out your right hand, palm up.” As soon as he could, the blond carefully poured some of the liquid from the flask out, creating a small pool in the glove’s palm. “Splendid. Now, just so you know, Severus, in case you can’t quite recognize what this is, I’ve just given you a measure of a nice potion that eats flesh, hence the glove you’re wearing.

“I hope you’re enjoying the effects of your marvelous advances in the field of Potions, and now that you have lubricant, Severus, use that to bring yourself to orgasm.”

Draco choked and stepped back, slapping a hand over his mouth. Even Sirius was a bit sickened by just how venomous Lucius could be in his anger. Though, a part of him found it sadistically appropriate. He watched as Severus slowly moved to wrap his gloved hand around his cock and begin to stroke in a grotesque display of masturbation.

Sirius was hard pressed to prevent himself from crossing his legs and squirming, and he fancied he could almost hear the faint sizzle of flesh being consumed, becoming putrefied. A sidelong look showed that Remus was very pale, but intensely focused on the scene.

Lucius decided to up the ante and stepped around to the side. “Somehow, it’s just not enough to watch you destroy yourself in helpless submission, Severus.” He tipped the flask and let a drop each fall onto the man’s thighs, then shifted and let more drop on Severus’s stomach, chest, and arms.

Draco abruptly disappeared, causing Sirius to nod absently and step closer to his lover.

“Open that mouth of yours, Severus, the one you so like to use to castigate others. Let’s see how the acid feels going in, not out, hm?” Lucius tipped the flask again, watching with an almost feral expression as a thin stream of liquid descended.

It went on, the horror, Sirius watching as Lucius systematically covered Severus with the potion, careful, always, to avoid actually killing the man, though surely Severus could not last much longer. The human body could only take so much, even with magic bolstering it.

In the end there wasn’t much left to look at, and Lucius quietly walked back to the conjured table and set down the flask. He removed his gloves, produced his wand, then shattered the remains to dust with a bludgeoning curse. Another spell vanished the results, at which point Lucius said softly, “Good-bye, Severus.”

They were abruptly back in the normal world.

“I hate to say it,” Remus said quietly, “but a part of me really enjoyed that. When I think of what he might have done. . . .”

“Yeah, that about covers it.”