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Notes: A naughty little scene I couldn’t get out of my head. Not directly related to the main story, but it is an example of the sort of thing I can imagine occurring between Lucius and Saiph.

“Lucius, do you like to play games?”


“Well, I’ve been sort of worried, really, concerned,” Saiph said with a terribly sincere expression.

Lucius furrowed his brow.

“I’ve done some reading, you see, and I’m quite concerned that it’s possible I could have come down with something insidious, or sneaky, and I was wondering if perhaps you should give me another checkup.”

Lucius blinked.

“And wouldn’t that require a very thorough, hands-on examination?”

Lucius blinked again, and barely prevented himself from gaping in shock. He suddenly snapped out of it. “Yes, that could be possible,” he said smoothly, “and you are wise to be concerned, and come to me about it. I allow, I have been very busy, but that is no excuse for the failure on my part to ensure you remain in excellent health. So, if you’ll give me just a minute, we can do something about that.”

“Of course, Healer Malfoy,” Saiph said, setting the tone.

Lucius paused, then wandered off, returning a minute later with a muggle-style examination gown. “Mr Black, if you would please change into this? There is a screen just there.”

Saiph nodded and skipped off behind the screen, so Lucius wracked his memories, and then transfigured a chaise lounge into an examination table based on what he could remember from his muggle experiences. Saiph appeared and looked at him expectantly.

“Mr Black, if you would please have a seat?” He paused for that, then said, “Now, some of this will be somewhat invasive.”

“Whatever you think is best, Healer Malfoy. I have complete faith in you as my mediwizard.”

Lucius had to close his eyes for a moment. He began with innocent things, like a normal scan and checking Saiph’s temperature, then said with all seriousness, “And have you been experiencing any problems, such as. . . .” He couldn’t, actually, quite think how to phrase the question.

He was saved when Saiph made a show of ducking his head as though embarrassed and said, “Healer, there have been times when I’ve found it difficult to, um. . . .” He made a vague sort of gesture.

“I see. Well, I shall just have to guide you through an example to see where there might be a problem.” Lucius moved to sit on the table himself, then swung his leg around carefully so as not to hit Saiph. “Mr Black, please sit between my legs and lean back.”

“Yes, healer.” When he had done that Saiph said, “Now what shall I do, healer?”

“Raise your gown for me, yes, just like that.” Lucius wrapped an arm around his lover to trap Saiph’s arms, then reached down to begin teasing his lover’s cock. Saiph moaned softly in response. “Does this cause you any pain, Mr Black?”

“No,” Saiph breathed.

Lucius began stroking his lover’s cock, occasionally flicking his thumb over the head, and also sliding his fingers down to fondle Saiph’s scrotum and perineum. “You appear to be responding well at the moment,” he commented. “And what of this, Mr Black?” he asked, then stroked that much more firmly.

“Oh, yes,” Saiph breathed in between quiet moans.

“Excellent.” He released Saiph’s cock and got them slightly rearranged with the least amount of fuss, so that his lover was actually sitting on his legs, Saiph’s dangling off to either side. “That’s right, nice and wide, Mr Black. Hold up your gown again for me. You are an excellent patient.”

“Thank you, Healer Malfoy,” Saiph said in a rather dazed tone. “I know how important it is to obey one’s mediwizard.”

Lucius resumed his efforts to bring Saiph to orgasm, once again trapping his lover’s arms in place. And, in their altered position, he was able to have a bit more fun. “And now, Mr Black, does this cause you any distress?” He bit into the smooth column of Saiph’s neck, provoking a deep moan and arching, which made his own cock desperate for attention.

“I think,” he whispered into Saiph’s ear, “that next I shall have to examine you internally, Mr Black, to assure myself there are no issues.”

Saiph jerked against him violently and began to orgasm, pearly jets of semen spurting from the head of his cock. Lucius captured some to lubricate his hand and continued to stroke until Saiph’s body relaxed completely.

“So far, Mr Black, I am not seeing any problems, but we will continue. It would be terribly remiss of me not to be thorough. Now, if you would please stand up?”

“Yes, healer.”

Saiph moved very slowly, but that was normal for him after reaching completion, so Lucius patiently waited until he could slide off the table as well. “Mr Black, I will need you to bend over and use the examining table for support. Yes, like that. Also, please spread your legs apart. Excellent. I will be examining you internally now, so do not be alarmed at any odd sensations.”

“I understand, healer. Please continue.”

Lucius summoned over a jar of lubricant, admiring the way the gown had fallen away, leaving Saiph’s ass on display for him. He set the jar within easy reach and lubed up one finger, then slid it past the tight ring of muscle at his lover’s anus, and beyond.

Saiph began moaning again when Lucius stroked his prostate, and Lucius commented, “Now, this may cause you some distress, Mr Black, but you shall simply have to endure for the moment.”

“Yes, Healer Malfoy.” Saiph seemed to be having some difficulties with speech. “Any—anything you require of me.”

Lucius couldn’t prevent a groan of his own at that submissive little gem of a statement, and withdrew long enough to slick up several more fingers, then returned to slowly preparing his lover, letting his free hand caress Saiph’s skin. When he judged that Saiph was ready for him he withdrew again and wiped his hand clean, then prepared his own cock for entrance.

“Please remain steady, Mr Black. I am about to begin the final part of this examination. Should this go well, I would feel a great deal better that your health remains excellent.”

Saiph just moaned and pushed back invitingly, so Lucius eased the head of his cock past his lover’s anus, slowly advancing until he was fully seated. And as soon as Saiph signaled that he was adjusted, Lucius began fucking him in earnest.

Saiph, apparently quite into the whole game, was moaning out things like “Yes, healer!” as Lucius came closer and closer to orgasm. He reached down to attend to his lover’s cock, not at all surprised that Saiph was rock hard and ready again.

“I’m—just an injection, Mr Black,” he forced between gritted teeth, then exploded, barely remembering to work Saiph’s cock to a second completion. A short time later he pulled free and cleaned up quickly with his wand.

“Mr Black,” he said, and paused when Saiph hauled himself up and turned around. His lover’s hair was adorably mussed, and his expression revealed him to be a very sated person. “At this time you appear to be in perfect health, but I do think we should set up regular examinations for you, to stay on top of things.”

“Of course, Healer Malfoy,” Saiph said, then lurched forward to wrap his arms around him and give him a kiss, then laugh. “I love you, Lucius.”

“And I love you, Saiph.”