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Take Two

Notes: Occurs during the first Draco scene of chapter six. Another look at what sort of people Severus and Narcissa are.

“Tell me, Narcissa, do you actually even care if Draco returns home for the holiday?”

“Well, no, not really,” she said with a shrug of one shoulder. “I’m mainly concerned with whether or not I should need to dose him for you, as I expect that would be necessary. If he stays here I shall simply send on his gifts. Besides, should he stay, it might set Lucius off to grinding his teeth again, which is always amusing. In any case, Draco seems to find deep fulfillment in your ownership, so he might become distressed should you send him away for a time.”

“Indeed.” Severus considered himself to be the epitome of a Slytherin. Cunning, ruthless, and willing to do whatever it took to achieve his desires. He had no interest in power of a larger scope. Let others look to taking over the world, with all the associated headaches. His aims were far more personal.

And he had made great strides in his opinion. He had several beautiful women indebted to him, women who freely shared their bodies for his pleasure, and did not trouble him with foolish notions of love or even complaints about how he handled them in bed.

He also had two little slaves to amuse himself with. Narcissa, of course, had assisted him with Draco, a boy he loathed for his fawning, stalker-like behavior. Severus had been thrilled when the Dark Lord had presented him with the task of finding a way to keep certain obnoxious officials at the ministry from hindering him.

He had barely been out of his lord’s sight and had already decided who would be testing it for him. Severus was somewhat neutral on Nott, but given that Draco hated the boy, it only made sense to bring him into the fold. And there was pleasure in secretly spiting a man he disliked, Lucius, twice over. He was fairly diffident toward Theo’s father, but even that man had on occasion annoyed him.

“I shall consider it and get back to you with my decision.” It might be amusing, actually, to send the boy home, but he did not trust Narcissa to properly handle the dosing. A thought struck him then; perhaps he should be attempting to create a permanent version of the obedience potion?

While it afforded him a certain amount of pleasure to watch his slaves helplessly submit to ensuring another day of the same, it was a bit tiresome to have to make batch after batch to keep them in line. If he could manage it, and then presented it as fait accompli to his lord, he might actually be rewarded in a spectacular fashion.

“All right, darling,” she said agreeably. “I’m sure that will be fine.”

He gazed at her, then moved to provide her potion. She sipped it down daintily, then dabbed at her lips with a small square of grey silk. “I must say again, Severus, that it’s just delightful you found a way to make it taste nicer.”

“I aim to please,” he said dryly, then disposed of the empty vial. “Now, it’s time for your payment. Be a good little whore and prepare me.” He reached down to open his trousers and spread his legs a bit for balance, and smirked as she dropped to her knees and latched onto his penis like it was the most delicious thing she had ever tasted.