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Notes: A look at just what sort of people Severus and Narcissa are. Occurs during the latter part of chapter five.

Severus ushered Narcissa into his bedroom as he had done many times before and shut the door behind them.

She immediately turned and gave him a coy smile. “Sometimes I think you’re frightfully prudish, darling. I just don’t understand why you won’t play with Draco. After all, you are shagging my sister, too. So why not him?”

“I hardly think you desire that for Draco’s sake. More likely it’s because you consider that boy to be a living doll, and are curious to see how he’d react.”

Narcissa shrugged almost daintily. “Well, whatever. It’s just that he’s not really a bad boy, so it might be nice for him to have the occasional treat. You could show him what a real man is like. You are, after all, the best lover I’ve ever had, so I’m sure you’d be good at that, too.”

He refrained from sighing with difficulty. “I fail to see why you care considering that you just negotiated a contract that turned Draco into a thing, a possession. I could kill him tomorrow and the law couldn’t touch me. And you know very well that I am only interested in women. Shall we get on with you making it worth my while, Narcissa?”

She giggled and began to strip, tossing her clothing onto a chair, then sat on the edge of the bed and gazed at him inquisitively.

“I think this time we’ll combine up. On all fours, Narcissa. You can suck down your potion while I fuck you in the ass.”

She made a slight moue of distaste. “A memory was worth that much?”

“Yes, and I like it when you look like a whore.” He moved over to stand at the head of the bed and pushed one of the carvings. A cylinder slid out, which he removed and filled with a potion from the drawer of his bedside table, then put back into place. “Be grateful I’m not making you play slave yourself.”

Narcissa got into position and slid her mouth over the cylinder as though it were a penis, then braced herself as Severus moved behind her.

For his part, he began in the usual fashion, simply for vague lubrication, then pulled out and pressed the head of his cock against her anus. And without any regard for her, impaled her in one swift moment.

She made a strangled noise of pain as she sucked, but was shortly enjoying things very much. Then again, he thought, she always did, and he honestly did think of her as a whore, albeit a very beautiful one.

And as he thrust into her mercilessly, just the way she liked it, he had to wonder what would happen if she ever stopped taking the potion he made for her. She was a vain thing, having come to him with a request for something to maintain her looks at precisely one age, and he was moved to help her in exchange for having the use of her body.

Sensing that he would not last much longer he doubled his efforts, making her moan like a dying thing, then exploded in orgasm. A few minutes later he pulled free and slipped off the bed.

Narcissa sat back and said, “That was absolutely fantastic, darling. Every time you want to do that I think I won’t like it, but I always do. It’s such a pity I was forced to marry that bastard Lucius.”

“And yet, you still get what you want. Get dressed, you have a son to ignore on your way out.”