Grazhir :: Harry Potter Ficlist
Control Issues Complete NC-17 Mentions of Harry/Severus
Summary: Sick, twisted, perverse—that would be Severus Snape. And yet, his blindly obedient little soldier boy ran away, and to guess who? Features abused!Harry, creature!Harry, sadistic!Harry.
  Control Issues: Aftermath WIP NC-17  
  Summary: Not meant to be a true “story”, but rather a potentially aimless continuation of its predecessor. A plot may or may not rear its ugly head. . . . I dunno.
Locus WIP R  
Summary: A center or source, as of activities or power. Tom is Harry’s locus, time and time again.
One Winged Angel Complete R/NC-17  
  Summary: One view on why Tom Riddle became Voldemort, and what he does once he realizes that particular truth.
Crumbling Pedestal Complete PG-13 Mentions of Harry/OFC
  Summary: Harry’s date with Voldemort at the conclusion of the Triwizard tournament didn’t go quite as planned. Fate steps in with a ‘unique’ opportunity, offering Harry the chance to live and mature in the past. For a while, anyway.
Discovery Complete R/NC-17 Mentions of Harry/Vernon
  Summary: Harry’s very first detention opens Severus’s eyes to . . . rather a lot.
Induction Complete NC-17  
  Summary: A perhaps disturbing look at what one bitter man’s obsession could lead to, and the unexpected results—but for whom?
Forsaken Complete R/NC-17 Snapshots are explicit
  Summary: Wherein Dumbledore does the unforgivable, and is forsaken by his pawn.
Infinite Shades of Grey Complete PG-13  
  Summary: Harry disappears from the wizarding world and starts a new life known only to a chosen few.
Masks Complete PG-13  
  Summary: A rather bizarre (in my opinion) solution to the issue of Voldemort.
Biology Complete R Needs massive editing
  Summary: It wasn’t just power and ability that Tom Riddle transferred to Harry that night. He made him the son he never had, and that changes everything.
  Breakpoint WIP R/NC-17 Some snapshots are explicit
  Summary: Harry learned more the night of the Ministry raid than either he or Voldemort expected, and both realize a new, common enemy.
  Triquetra WIP ??? May never be finished
  Summary: No one ever told Harry that his seventeenth birthday would be so . . . exciting. Or for that matter, revealing. Or . . . well . . . a lot of things.
  Friendship’s Price   PG-13 Most likely won’t be finished
  Summary: Harry’s sixth year brings out the best and the worst of his relationships, and the ultimate price is paid for one of them.
  Infusion   ???  
  Summary: Hogwarts, the sorting hat, and the Chamber of Secrets were not the only things Salazar Slytherin had a hand in creating.
  Fragments of Memories   PG-13? May never be finished
  Summary: Peter never told the whole story after his betrayal of the Light, but Voldemort and Harry are soon to find out.
The Nightmare Before Bedtime Complete PG-13 Contains gender-bending
  Summary: In which the author parodies herself in a self-insertion masterpiece after spending too much time reading over at Live Journal’s babb_chronicles, deleterius, and pottersues.
  Vanquishing Mary Sue v1.0 PG-13 Interactive Fiction
  Summary: A potentially amusing little fanfiction story masquerading as interactive fiction. Voldemort has been vanquished, but yet . . . Mary Sue remains.
Landlocked | Uncertain Pairings
  Fractured Fairytales n/a R/NC-17 Pairings vary by “episode”
  Summary: This “story” houses a collection of oneshots set in fairytale situations. They may not necessarily be related to each other. Then again, some of them might.
  Oneshots Collection n/a (varies) Pairings vary by oneshot
  Summary: This “story” houses a collection of oneshots that are totally unrelated to each other.
Prodigium Complete R?  
  Summary: There’s a reason why Harry survived that night, and it wasn’t due to Lily’s love. What saves Harry becomes inextricably entwined with him, and greatly influences how the story unfolds and the person Harry becomes.
E-Books for Landlocked | Uncertain Pairings
An Even Trade     HP/LM
An Incestuous Affair     HP/LV
Crack-o-Ween     HP/LV
Deception     Gen
Er, No     Gen
Exposition     HP/DM
Iterate     Gen
Night of the Malfoy Commandos     Gen
Pyrite     Gen
The Trinity of Tidbit     HP/RL/SB
True Wuv     HP/LV
Voldybear and the Three Wizards     HP/LM/SS/LV